13 things no one told you about parenting girls

Even if you’ve always dreamed of having a daughter, the reality may be completely different from what you expected. Here’s what you need to know about raising girls.

When you learned you were expecting a daughter, you probably gave yourself a pedicure, or was at some party, or trying on dresses. Because you’re a girl, you probably thought that you will encounter the same issues in the education of his daughter. But the truth is, your little girl will be a few surprises for you. The desire to collect things obsessively to only wear all pink… let’s take a look with one eye on your future.

It may be even more «devchonochny» than you

Even if you have done everything possible to create a gender-neutral space for games, filled with cars, trains and other «malchikovyy» toys, don’t be surprised if your daughter will still develop a passion for princesses and dolls, the Barbie and the pink ballerina in the music box. No matter how much you try to fight this stereotype, the combination of a clear behavior with smart education may even surpass your efforts.

She will borrow your stuff

Your daughter’s desire to borrow some heels, jewelry, bags, and more will appear as soon as she starts to walk and talk, and will only grow with time. «Go to a café to drink coffee!» — she will announce wearing your fancy shoes with heels. Until your daughter has a baby — that outfit would look funny, so enjoy the process. Because soon enough she’ll want to take these things for real. Be ready for it.

You might be a bit jealous of my dad docu

Even if you don’t like this character, it’s hard not to feel at least a tiny pangs of jealousy and envy when you realize that you’re not the only woman in the life of her husband and. Yes, you will treasure their close attachment, and to admire their games «daddy-daughter», but sometimes you will not be pleasant «for me». And the first time your daughter will run to him and not to you in a moment of sadness or pain — for you will blow. Just remember that her little heart has lots of love to all around. You will be your own time and your classes and it will be very mysterious and perhaps be a reason for envy and for thought now dad.

Everything starts early

Girls begin to develop earlier than boys.t of Course, all children are different, but girls are the main stages of development earlier than boys of the same age. Your daughter is already hard to talk, until the son of your mates are only trying to speak in full sentences. Rolling over, sitting, kisses, clapping her hands, potty training, reading: don’t be surprised if she takes over this and other things long before it will make the boys her age. But try not to gloat about it — the development of girls and boys later almost always aligned.

It will take a sexy pose

Small model. She will dance, something to show you, or simply will be demonstrating their new swimsuit when it happens: it will expose the thigh and rise your head, and you pastanesi surprise when you realize that she looks like a miniature sexy model on the show underwear Victoria’s Secret. You’ve made every effort to shield her from the glossy teen magazines and TV, so you will have to wrestle over where she saw this pose and the gesture. Your heart is broken, and you ask her never to repeat this again. Never.

You’ll have to re-read children’s books

You will be transported back to that magical time — in his childhood. Only this time while reading you will pay attention to the details and nuances that you either missed the first time or forgot completely.

You will hear her scolding her dolls and toys, and marvel at, because it will sound like you

«don’t talk to me like that!», — your daughter will be talking pink Bunny. Barbie, bear and soft giraffe face the same fate. It will give strict instructions and to withstand a long pause, and you’ll both laugh and be amazed, seeing how she enjoys her power.

It will collect … all

Cones, rubber bands, hair clips, elastics, flower petals, bottle caps, glass, buttons, dead bugs: if she can put it all in his bag, she will never tire of collecting them. This is due to her roots, as her ancestors were — women-gatherer, and it honestly has nothing to do with it. In other words, you should be ready to find her hiding places around the house in unexpected places.

She is likely to be the stage «I only wear dresses»

Somewhere around three years, it will develop final ideas about what she wants and can wear according to the weather, the rules of propriety or what is in fashion at the moment. But when you will clear her desire wardrobe from things that have no skirts, the next stage of its preferences may change to some other interesting things (t-shirt inside out, rubber boots with leopard print top bikini top turtleneck). The sooner you realize that it really doesn’t matter, the happier you both will be.

You will constantly fight with her hair

Because hair need to lay. You like to brush them up, and she — down. Besides, she needs to wash it. No, she’s not going out this nest on my head! Well, you’ll bend / straighten her hair, but only once. No, she can’t do it by myself! War due to the hair will continue as long as you’ll let them (read: until you realize that it’s just hair and decides to surrender). Good news: in the end, she will probably realize that to be clean and trimmed is really better.

She may be born manipulator

Mothers with children of both sexes claim that their dear daughter seems to know how to get what they want with an innocent look. Do we see right through him? You are absolutely right. Does it work? Although we don’t like to admit it … Sometimes this look works and daughter gets what he wanted. The Pope, in particular, admit that they can’t resist this look. So, actually she is already aware that her feminine charms can be quite disarming.

It will be the standard of beauty by which you will judge of its peers

When a few moms get together, you’d be surprised what moms boys​​the secret envy that you have a daughter. Your close friends can even right to tell you to your face. In the end, you, along with her daughter go to the store to choose the décor for the nursery and expensive dresses, go for manicures together until they stuck on digging worms and discussion of the device of the car. Unfortunately, the situation may be reversed when you will be faced with hormonal changes teenage daughter, and your friend at this time would be perfectly calm with his level-headed young husband chinoy, so enjoy this moment while it’s there.

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