About honoring parents

Honoring parents is the first duty of children. Even in pre-Christian times, all peoples inviolable rule was that the youngest always revered and respected elders. Especially the children of their parents.

FILIAL piety requires, first of all, nature itself: thanks to the parents because we are called to life. And for this one needs to appreciate mother and father. And not only for that. His parents raised us, educated, caring, and vigilantly watched over every step, and helped when we had need of assistance. Moved in his heart the greatest grief, hardship, illness, failure. And, of course, all this teaches children to honor, to respect their parents.

In Scripture we can find many examples of love of parents to their children. And even the vices of children, their incorrect actions of maternal and paternal love can forgive them. Therefore, children must remember this and try to be thankful to our parents. Grievously insulted Absalom his father, prophet and king David, who rebelled against him with his unworthy subjects. But listen to what David says to his generals: deal gently for my sake with the young man Absalom (2 Sam. 18, 5), and when Absalom was killed, David was deeply grieved, cried, sobbed and said: “my son, my son Absalom! Oh, I had to die instead of you. (2 Sam. 18, 33). Remember and the new Testament history, what anguish-filled treatment of the Canaanite woman to the Savior: “have mercy on me, Lord, son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil” (Matt. 15, 22). Daughter is suffering, but the mother suffers doubly. So she says: have mercy on me, o Lord! This is the tender love of parents towards their children. And the children should not forget. For the love of a parent of the child must also meet mutual, tender love to them.

“Honor your father and your mother, Yes good you will be, Yes long will be on earth.” it is stated in the fifth Commandment of God (ex. 20, 12). It is noteworthy that this commandment should be immediately after the commandments of loving God. Then, they go: “thou shalt Not kill”, “thou shalt Not steal” and all the rest. Already from this we can conclude that the degree of importance attached by the Lord God do His will about honoring parents. Furthermore, this commandment is unique and for another reason: she’s the only one in which the Lord promises something to a person, namely a great reward for the fulfillment of this commandment even in the present life. Think about it: “Yes good you will be, Yes long will be on earth.” The time of our earthly life and human well-being are directly related to the fulfillment of the commandment of honoring parents. And again he saith: he that curseth father or mother be put to death (Matt. 15, 4). And there are many such examples, when the parent was a blessing sent down grace upon the souls of your children. And Vice versa — the curse of the parent was subjected to terrible suffering, torment, rebellious children.

Saint Nicholas Serbian writes that honoring our parents means that. “before you knew anything about the Lord God knew your parents. That will be enough for them to worship and to praise and worship. Bow and respectfully thank anyone before you know the Highest Good in this world.” In support of his thoughts he cites an example: “One rich young man-an Indian traveled with his entourage through the valley of the Hindu Kush. In the valley he met the old man herding goats. Poor old man in reverence bowed his head and bowed low to the rich man. The young man, quickly leaping from his elephant, prostrated himself before the old man to the ground. Surprised the elder this action of the young man, surprised, and all his servants. The young man said: “Bow thy sight, my first saw this light, the handiwork of God, bow before thy face, which my first uttered His Holy name, and bow your heart before I was thrilled with the joyful discovery of the Father of all people on earth — King of Heaven and Lord of all.”

How to honor father and mother? Of course, first of all, to love them, to be sincerely thankful, to obey them in all that is not contrary to the will of God, not to judge their actions, to be patient with their weaknesses, to take care of them until they die, and their departure from this world, to pray fervently for the repose of their. All of this is our Holy duty before God and parents themselves, to our children who are brought up in the first place, not in words but in our actions. And undoubtedly owe this to ourselves, if we want the good in life, as said in the commandments.

“Day and night practise, the son, and to honor mother, for so learn reverence for all the other mothers on the earth, says St. Nicholas Serbian. Truly, children, incorrectly read only their father and mother, and other fathers and mothers not to notice. Your honoring your parents is necessary for you as a school respect for all people and all women who are in the throes of birth, and in the labors and sufferings of bringing up their children. Remember this and live by this commandment that God will bless you on earth.”

Yes, we should always remember their responsibilities to the parents. Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk says on this subject:

“Always give tribute you have given birth, and you will be a great blessing. Remember that parents are your greatest benefactors. Remember all their sorrow, toil, suffering, and tribulation they when raising you. And, remembering this, always adequately thank them for it. Don’t insult them, expose them in all obedience. But this obedience must be reasonable. Obedience must be in accordance with the word of God and not contrary to the will of God. Nothing without the advice and blessing of parents don’t do and don’t do anything. If your parents and punished if the punishment you think is fair, really your fault, we humbly take this punishment. Because their parents punish you with a good purpose to get you to fix that you were kinder. If you think that the punishment is unjust, it’s not your fault, tell them about it, because you’re their child. Don’t leave your parents in need, help them, especially in their old age. If I notice any weakness, the weakness of their parents, have fear of exchanging to condemn them, much less to disclose it to others. Don’t imitate Hama — noahís son, who, seeing his father’s nakedness, alerted about the brothers. And if in anything you insult your parents, you will certainly quickly ask them for forgiveness. The word of God commands us to ask forgiveness from each neighbor, insulted us, especially since — from their parents, whom we must love and honor more than other people.”

Children, irreverent relate to their parents, deprived of the blessings of God. They are deprived of the mercy of God. The Holy Scriptures, with numerous examples from our lives teach us how we should treat their parents. After all, parents in our early childhood as we should be able to replace God himself. All authority is based on power of God, approved by God. Moreover, parental authority approved by the Lord. Therefore, the Lord doeth the will of the parents in this case. Will in your life try this commandment of God to obey.


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