Bad habits in children and bad manners

Bad habits in children – what are they? Why are there bad habits in children? And whether to deal with them? Children usually know about what bad habits they have – apparently, the adults in the family explain it to them repeatedly.

And the children try to deal with them – sometimes it works, sometimes not.

So what are the habits of childhood can be classified as bad?

Habits of a person are those actions that a person commits first sporadically, then more and more, and then these actions are performed automatically.

At the same time people do not think. do I need to do it or not, because such action is logged into the habit.

There are good habits – wash in the morning, wash your hands before eating or brushing your teeth morning and night. And there are addictions bad, although not everyone agrees.

The idea of the harmfulness of certain habits depends on how civilized or cultural society of the country. Sometimes the same habits in one country are considered bad, but in other places it seems to be normal.

Bad habits in children and bad manners

However, most parents, watching their children say that their children still have those or other bad manners, but mom and dad do not always know how such addictions to fight.

So, if the child eats, for example, chips or crackers, then he has a very sore stomach. But then it all goes away. A son or daughter want to eat like that, even though then he will be bad again.

And a Tomboy, knowing that such food is harmful to his body, eating it anyway, because he likes it such food. Thus is formed at the baby habit.

The most classic example of bad habits – Smoking children .

And if the teenager. securepay first cigarette. believes all the talk about the dangers of nicotine something abstract, such that it will not affect ever. While adults already understand all the consequences of regular Smoking, but quit this addiction, adversely affecting the condition, can not all.

Very often craving for cigarettes becomes so strong that people will cough after each smoked cigarette, will suffer shortness of breath due to the fact that the bronchi are clogged with harmful substances entering the body with cigarette smoke, but to leave the cigarette smoker forever.

And there is a vicious circle – cigarettes cause the body of the smoker apparent harm, but to leave this bad habit of sometimes not able. And it is in such cases sometimes doctors can help get rid of craving for cigarettes.

Habit to throw things

Bad habits, many parents are that children throw their stuff (clothes, toys, textbooks, etc.) throughout the apartment, and then force them to collect it all or just put in place is possible with great difficulty.

But the next day everything repeats again. However, this action does not appear at the teenager on an empty place. Or he inadvertently copy their parents who are not always clean their things in place, or just him since childhood by this are simply not accustomed to.

When the teenager was little, no one forced him to collect the scattered toys mom, considering it is still too small, cleaned all the scattered baby herself.

So little accustomed to that, you can not collect the toys after he played, mom will clean, can not be attributed to the wash the dirty clothes – has a mother, she will do everything herself.

And then the baby grows, and the habit of razbrasivat things remains. And anyone purchased for this style need to scold?

How to be parents in a similar situation? First, they should decide whether they will deal with this habit or not. Because you can’t when you eradicate bad manners today to fight it, and tomorrow and the day after to relax.

Therefore, either the entire family eradicate carelessness my daughter or son (and, if such occurs and the dad or mom), or if you are unsure that you will be able to insist to the end, it is better not to fight at all!

Bad habits have a lot of people there, and they are very diverse.

So, many couples break up because of what the husband has a bad habit to pick up his dirty socks all over the apartment, and you can find them in places, absolutely not intended for this purpose – for example, in a vase for candies or under the pillow.

There are women who find ways to discourage their husbands from such.

They can stand over my husband every day when he comes home from work, until he throws his socks, came home from work, in the basket for dirty clothes, or meet her husband from work with a bag for his dirty sock, and while her husband will not leave him in his dirty socks, the farther corridor, it simply will not work.

And it works – dirty socks scattered all over the place, soon not observed.

Tell the kid, and he’s like, he can’t hear

Very often parents complain. what they say something to the child, and he falls. In this case, dads and moms must know the basic rule of pedagogy – when talking to the baby, you need to make sure he hears you.

Very often it happens that the kid is passionate about his game, and mom comes and asks him to remove his things. And after a while she comes in and sees that frisk is still all in the game, and nothing has been done.

And then mom starts cursing and silly can’t understand why he came – because he really didn’t hear anything.

It should be understood that the majority of purchased children bad habits depends on the adults around them family members.

And parents requiring any action from your child, should be able to explain to him clearly why he should do just that and not something else.

And to explain about harmful privychki in children so that the child understood. What does it do? In order between parents and children have formed good relationships.

Even if the baby is still small (according to parents), it is not necessary to talk to him only in the form of an order.

Scarce even in the preschool years already is a person, albeit small, but parents should remember that orders the child to cause the opposite reaction.

Therefore, it is necessary to explain why something needs to be done now and as he said, the children sang said mom and dad.

People with age acquire habits that can be both good and not so good, and there are also quite bad addiction with which part is sometimes extremely difficult.

Incidentally, it is noticed that a bad and unhealthy habits in children may gain a person much easier than good!

And here the character of a person just woven from such incidents.

And what habits in the nature of man prevail – good or bad – depends on the attitude of others and sometimes his personal happiness .

Therefore influencing their children to wean them away from bad habits, parents thus create it is in fact a happy future.

Bad habits in children and bad manners need to root, make an effort, make their offspring happy in the future!


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