Congratulations to the newlyweds from parents

There is no doubt that congratulations from parents at the wedding of their children are sincere and come from the heart, so not so important, what they will say.

But if through your words relatives will be able to convey to the guests all the feelings that overwhelm them, they are brilliant eloquence.

Like any other greetings, wishes and farewell from parents should not be too long and easy to read, otherwise it’s not all will understand and appreciate.

Should try to find concise words that will help to emphasize the brightness of thoughts. Congratulations from parents at the wedding of the daughter or son can be both in prose and in verse, you can select music or lighting effects, tentatively agreed with the master of ceremonies.

Hope that wishes will come to mind at the right moment is not worth it, better to prepare in advance. Anyway, whichever option greetings parents choose, their words will be the most important for the newlyweds.


The bride’s parents have the honour to congratulate the newlyweds first – before you go to the registry office when the bridegroom came to the bride’s house. This greeting with a blessing for a happy and long marriage, and tips on new life.

This is a very ancient Christian tradition, before it was carried out with icons and a great responsibility, now this action is not so serious. Blessing and greeting from the bride’s parents is touching and sweet ceremony, which takes place on the doorstep .

Parting words best expressed in prose and from the heart. They should carry a spiritual help two loving people, who will soon begin a new phase of their life together.


Following the tradition, the relatives of the groom spend one of the most important and memorable wedding ceremonies – “bread and salt”. After registration or the wedding the couple go to a restaurant where they are greeted by the groom’s parents. According to the tradition, they meet exactly the bride with bread and salt, symbolizing the joy that their family became more and wishes of peace and prosperity.

Presenting the loaf, in words definitely need to wish wealth and love. Ideal if wedding congratulations from parents of the groom will occur in the accepted order. First, accept the wishes from the groom’s father, then connected the mother with a loaf. After the parents can take the word grandparents.


The main part of the wedding celebration takes place in the restaurant. During the Banquet, the parents, generally the first to raise a glass to the young and a toast-wish. You should start with the greeting of guests, it is advisable not to forget to thank them for their contribution to the wedding. Further, parents can talk about their feelings, about how they are happy. It’s every parent can be formed from the following items:

Welcome to all the invitees;

Expression of thanks to guests for coming to celebrate this joyous occasion with them;

The story about his child, well to add interesting or funny memories from childhood of the daughter or son;

To the praise of the newly made daughter-in-law (son-in-law). The expression of joy and happiness over the introduction of a new family member;

A toast to the young.

First of all, you need to give the word to fathers – in-law and father-in-law. The voice of the head of household must sound fatherly harshly, but with love. Uttering his speech, the Pope should show the pride that overwhelms, for their child.

His mother’s voice we all remember from the early days, she is the dearest and closest people. Mom sets the atmosphere of home and comfort, her speech should be gentle and calm. Feelings of the mother and what she would wish for their children not to Express any words. You can do a simple brief speech, it is not necessary to read gorgeous sketches.


No marriage takes place without gifts. The people closest to the newlyweds – their parents — to always strive to make their children the most chic and necessary gifts. No matter which side of wedding gift, it must be for the bride and groom.

Relatives know best what is needed for their children. Gifts from parents, if possible, more often meet the needs of the newly created family:

Of course, for almost any young couple a good start to life together become the keys to the apartment, car or garden;

Great gift – wedding trip. It is a recreational Paradise on the beach or a stroll through the romantic streets can be the beginning of a long and happy family life;

Money is never superfluous, the more they couple will buy, depending on their taste, necessary things.

Of course, the gifts depend on the extent of family security. Often relatives, to give a good thing, give one common gift.

Besides the above mentioned gifts, you can choose and modest:

Some of the most popular gifts — household items. A set of dishes, pots, appliances, Yes, lots of other things will help to organize the beauty and comfort of the family nest. Such practical gifts from relatives will be small the first the property of the young;

Very often the relatives to help in the organization of a wedding celebration: pay the photographer, toastmaster, limousine, rent a hall or a cake. This will save the newlyweds equity;

If you know that the honeymoon will soon be updating, you can give something for the baby: crib, Walker, stroller and more.

If parents are in doubt about the similarity to the children of flavors, you can take them with you to purchase a gift. Still, in most cases, the bride and groom know in advance that they will bring people close.

Parents should not be discouraged if they can’t teach their children luxurious gifts. Most importantly for the couple, close to well-adopted a new family member and loved him. Also, in the future, the newly created family a lot of what is required, and parents will have time to contribute.

It happens sometimes, that the couple are wealthy and independent, and nothing material is not needed. In this case, you can give an unusual gift: an expensive painting or a souvenir, and maybe even a place on the moon or a star, named young.

There are things that can not be given not only to parents but to everyone else. This is mainly due to the different signs.

Prohibited gifts:

Forks and knives;

Photo of the newlyweds;



Children’s clothing;

Pets, they can give only if you know exactly what the couple want.


In Russia, as a rule, gifts are handed out during the Banquet, so care not only about what to give, but also how to do it. Here are some examples:

If the choice fell on a practical gift for newlyweds, then you need it to pack or place. In presenting the gift, you can first make a riddle about what’s inside;

Money can easily be turned into an original present, making flowers of the notes;

Even if you give just money in an envelope, should prepare a toast or words that will be said during the presentation.

Undoubtedly, the most important words should be said in private. But, after all, to congratulate their children at the wedding so that they understand that we need to live a long and happy life together, because then you will be happy and their loved ones.

Further, we offer you to watch an interesting video about how gay parents congratulate the newlyweds:

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