Children is a special room. Every parent strives to make it a truly beautiful, comfortable, convenient and safe. A special role for children’s plays textile design space in General and Windows in particular. What should be the curtains in the nursery . What factors, in addition to the design affect the choice of children’s curtains? All the important aspects and nuances – from the practical to the psychological – assembled in our article.


Curtains: main requirements

In this room the real magic happens. Here grows a new person, growing up, exploring the world, fantasizing, engaging and communicating with friends. For this you need a comfortable and safe space. Like any piece of furniture designed for children’s room, curtains are required to meet certain requirements .

They should have an antistatic effect. Simply put, not to attract dust. This not only helps keep a neat look, but will not create a nourishing environment for the development of allergies.

It is desirable that the curtains were made from natural fibers. Then they’ll be safe for the health of children. Typically, in a modern city it is difficult to find interior design and decorating materials, which would also be strong, durable and natural. In the boy’s room and you can use a synthetic fabric, provided that they are safe and treated by the compositions and have appropriate hygiene certificates.

The design of curtains selected in accordance with the age of the occupant of the room.

The curtains in the nursery have access to sufficient access to light and fresh air into the room, so their models must be not only decorative, but also functional.

It is highly desirable that all electrical and heating devices were sufficiently far away from curtains, regardless of the age of the child.

The curtains in the nursery: age features

Choosing the option of textile decoration of Windows in the first place, you should consider the age category master room .

Very young children need a calm and harmonious environment. The best option for them would be curtains pastel shades with soft pictures. Better if these blinds are made of natural material. Maybe natural cotton looks decent, but it has a natural origin, and much more appropriate in a children’s room baby than wave lace synthetic fabric.

Growing up, the child is increasingly interested in the world around them. Therefore, one can choose curtains with images of alphabet letters, numbers, cars or animals and birds. Let the pictures will be crisp, but not too colorful, not to excite the nervous system of the baby in the evenings. The design of these curtains should be simple, better suited to ordinary curtains vertical opening. Variants with chain or rope mechanisms should be avoided. Moreover, they represent a great temptation for a young researcher, so more can be unsafe.

The child grows, change his interests and tastes. He gets his favorite cartoons and characters, he was already familiar with games and fairy tales. It’s time to change the curtains. Fit fabric, decorated with your favorite characters. For those who want to develop imagination and intelligence, we can recommend to find curtains with the letters of the English alphabet, simple arithmetic examples, words. This will help the child learn new information volumes. This period of growing up can be quite destructive to the environment – furniture, Wallpaper and textiles. So not to worry about the curtains, it is better to choose them from a simple fabric that is easy to wash. Not worth doing the curtains in the nursery too long, they will get dirty faster and break from their anchorages, the most mystical way, especially after active play. The motto of this age group – the simpler the better.

In recent time became the fashion to decorate the curtains very bright, large images of your favorite fairy tale characters. Despite the overall attractiveness of this option, it should be noted that the child tastes are changing rapidly, and favorite yesterday Princess suddenly yield the palm to the monsters and Arctic penguins. So do not limit the imagination of any one, fixed for a long time, way.

The child went to school? Well, this event is a good occasion to update the design of the nursery and changing curtains. In this case, you can choose a practical roll-up option. These curtains will create a reliable shade will help complete relaxation of the pupil. In addition, if you fix on the wings of the window function of the window opening will increase, on a window sill you can put live plants or crafts that are sure to appear in the result of running the school of creative tasks. As for the colours, then it is better not to be abused, too bright colors can overwhelm the psyche, which is subjected to a rather strong impact of the new rules of school life.

Time passes, and for a teenager requires a different design of the room. There may appear sharp, contrasting colors, unusual patterns, and custom designs of the curtains. This is understandable, because the child has come of age experiments. The most appropriate solution is to give the owners complete freedom in choosing. Let he or she decide what they want to see the portrait of the idol on the roll blind, or fantastic scenery, and maybe they will like strict pleats metallic fabrics or luxurious shimmering satin Drapes.

Curtains: the influence of color on the psyche of the child

Choosing curtains for a kid’s room, you need to factor in the influence of color on the psyche and the mood of the younger man.

Red and its shades help activity, improve appetite and mobility. However, can cause aggression, emotional overheating. These curtains do not contribute to the mood on the evening, so it is better not to hang in the rooms of small children who are prone to emotional overstimulation.

Pink . love mom’s little princesses, knowingly selected a symbol of love. He carries a stock of tenderness and creates a sense of security. It calms and even helps to relax.

Orange evokes cheerfulness and promotes good mood. It can be used in the rooms of young children as active, and, at the same time, friendly atmosphere. You should not prefer an overly bright shade of orange, it can provoke anxiety and even demonstrative behavior. Optimal is terracotta, peach color, they can be a great background for curtains. Bright orange touches will add to the dynamism of the composition, and thus, do not be overly excite the child.

Green curtains for kids is one of the most successful. This color is closest to nature, harmonious, has a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system, while not inhibiting thought processes, and, conversely, activating them. Especially good green curtains in the bedrooms are just too hyperactive or excitable children. This color will soothe and set up a regular evening mood

Blue is the color of rigor, seriousness and organization. Is more suitable for a teenager or child of a student, as it helps to prepare for the implementation of mandatory tasks. The closest relative of the blue – the color blue – give comfort and peace of mind, and relieve tension. It’s perfect for a child’s room a small child. But not too good for the room where the student lives, as blue hinder concentration.

The color purple has many contradictory characteristics, contributes to the mystical passion and the search for meaning in life. It is best used as a Supplement, in combination with other, more straightforward colors. Not recommended by the abundance of purple color in rooms where teenagers are living. It only reinforces the contradictory feelings and emotions, which is already excessive in the transition to adulthood.

The curtains in the nursery is not only a decoration but also a part of the world of the child, which surrounded it grows and Matures. Therefore, the approach to their choice should be dictated, primarily, safety and comfort, and only then – standard fashion or style questions.

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