Etiquette for kids: the rules of conduct at the table

To read, write, dance… Why not just have children to learn. And all this is necessary, this will need them later in adult life. Rules of conduct in society is not produced by themselves, they also learn. From the earliest years. To greet, say thank you, not to interrupt your elders. Not less important is the behavior at the table. To observe the rules of conduct during the meal it is necessary not only for aesthetic reasons, but primarily for the safety of the baby and avoid unpleasant situations. For example, if the child is able to use a fork, not playing it during the meal, the subject he will not hurt themselves or others sitting with him at the table. If you have time to teach their child not to swing on the chair, waving his arms at the table, there is a good chance that the trouble in the form of diffuse across the table soup you are not threatened.

So what exactly children rules of conduct at the table? They are the same as for adults. However, they can be called more simplistic. Perhaps the student do not need to know in what amounts and in what glasses to pour the liquor. As well as does not make sense to require a three year old child to properly use a knife and fork. But the basic rules every child should know.

Rules for children

In the beginning of the meal, you should wait until all the guests sit at the table, and only then proceed to the food.

– To protect clothing from stains, you should lay a napkin on his knees. Paper towel wipe hands, clean food around the mouth. This should be done by applying to the corners of the mouth a small piece of paper towel. Wipe mouth with napkin should be at the end of each meal.

– Only need to eat food with my mouth closed, not champing and not hleba loud. Not to talk with food in your mouth. First, you need to chew all the food, swallow, and then speak. In addition, with food, do drugs (don’t need to squish with a spoon on the soup, not to take porridge or chop by hand)

– A spoon or fork with food to bring to a slightly bowed head, you should not lean over the plate. Even at the dinner table posture should be beautiful.

– On a plate, put as much food as I could actually eat. If the child is put too much, should ask in advance to reduce the portion.

– Take the bread by hand, don’t bite off from the piece, but break it into pieces and put into the mouth.

Cake, cake and other sweets with cream eaten with a small spoon.

– Each person – child or adult – should remain at the table until all guests have finished eating. There are certain moments, such as when adults talk for a long time, in this case, children may be asked to leave the table. If the parent has to say “Yes”, teach kids to carry their plates to the kitchen, throw leftovers in the trash, and put the plate and Cutlery next to the sink or in the dishwasher.

Rising from the table, be sure to say thanks to whoever cooked or bought food.

The rules for adults

Is the most effective way to teach your child table etiquette – often eat together. Even just started to use the highchair baby should move up to the table. Your habit of eating on the go does not help to foster good manners in children.

– Do not share drinking behavior in “home” and “guests”. Let the child behaves the same everywhere. In addition, the rules of etiquette must be practiced constantly.

– Very important the correct table setting at home. For such purposes it is desirable to have a good set of Cutlery to the child from an early age learned to distinguish the plug from the dining room diner or fish. He will not be difficult for a few meals all the rules of etiquette to remember the purpose of each instrument. As an adult, your child will never face the problem of manipulation with Cutlery.

– Learn the rules you need in the home environment, and it is not necessary to interrupt and criticize the child in the presence of strangers.

– To 1.5–2 years kid should be able to feed herself with a spoon and use the cloth to two with 2.5–3 – master the art of chewing with the mouth closed, to the 4 – to learn to use a fork and preferably not sharp knife. Unbreakable tableware suction Cup is good for babies up to a year and a half. Later it should switch to a conventional valve. Older children should be taught to take care of those present at the table.

– The smallest rules of table manners are taught in a playful way. “Bunny came to visit, and there he saw how the other bunnies eat with a fork…” etc older you can explain why you need to behave one way and not another (for example, a favorite casserole in the trash as a result of overindulgence at the table).

Here are only General rules. Of course, every child is unique, and every family has their own rules, but the aim is quite simple – to teach it to behave in society, which is very useful, not only in adult life. The child who knows the rules of etiquette can protect yourself at the table, will not cause trouble to the parents and guests, and will be pleased with the relatives caring for them during their meals together. One only has to put in a little effort and a little patience.

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