Good night!

Where he lived – who knows! We ran through the woods, out in the meadows. Where the night will fall, and there will fall asleep. And how many do such a small need! You want to know what color is this wire? But to answer this question not so easy. If he sat on the branch, the birds spoke:

– There’s a green bug, let’s get it!

And – porch-porch to him. But the bug is not stupid enough to allow themselves to eat. He – j-j! – spread his wings and flew away.

He flew straight into the sun, and then the flowers whispered:

– What a beautiful Golden bug!

And in the evening, somewhere in the chill, he seemed very black frogs. So nobody knew what he was actually. However, it does not matter. Live it was fun, eating as much as you want. All around long he flew, met everyone. The sun was warm, the birds were singing. I’d love to live that life.

Once early in the morning he woke up and flew across the lawn to the lake. On the lawn was full of flowers. The old trees were near the shore of a calm conversation, and young played with the wind, as if beckoning light sheets.

– Oh! cried the beetle. Who catches me?

However, as if something suddenly around his legs. He quickly earned them in the air, pulled and invisible shackles torn. The bug always was interested by everything, and now he, too, wanted to know what it is. He looked around and saw some thin silver strings in the air.

– I wonder, I wonder, ‘ said beetle. – I’ve never seen!

– Don’t you know what that is? asked Midge. – better not to know! Voracious spiders weave their nets to catch us, little, innocent midges, and drink our blood. So killed my two sisters. Must escape as soon as you see this horrible web.

– You are mistaken, ‘ said the old beetle with horns.

But Midge was not listening: she disappeared so quickly that the moment it became visible. She was small – it was generally difficult to notice.

Well, she’s wrong, ‘ said the old beetle to a small bug. – I can assure you that these networks are quite different. Those mentioned by the Midge, weave old trapdoor spiders. And these lagging for air travel.

– For air travel? – surprised the bug.

But do not believe he could not. Beetle with horns was the smartest of beetles. It was heard even Cuneta, because he always knew what the weather – will it rain or the sun.

If you want, you can see suggested an old beetle. – Look!

A little lower on bitch pottered about the little spider. He attached his web to the sheet, then bite it at the base, and when a wind blew, it picked up all his eight legs, flew on a silver gossamer thin.

Oh, and I want to go on this thread! cried the bug flew up, grabbed the silver cord (they flew a lot in the air), folded legs and wings … and fell heavily to the ground. Oh, on these threads, probably only spiders and can fly!

He arose from the ground, scratched his side, looked at the maple, under which he was sitting, and almost uttered a cry of surprise: this maple is always so green, now was absolutely Golden.

‘Uncle,’ said the old bug beetle – what is it? Some thread fly, the leaves turn yellow – what is it?

– Fall, son, fall! – said the old beetle and shook his horns.

“Hem,” said the bug, let’s see what this autumn.

In fact, summer is over, autumn has come. In the forest of rustling leaves, and it seemed as if someone goes under the maples and birches, and where will be held, the leaves turn red and gold.

Perhaps this autumn wanders through the forest so quietly that nobody sees.

Now not learn the native forests, native glades, native of the lake. The flowers have withered and dried up, the grass has turned yellow. Everyone was busy, everyone was preparing for winter. The bug flew back and forth and didn’t know what to do. The birds were filmed and flocks flew to the warm blue seas:

Autumn gold drops,

Cold birdies stealing…

Goodbye, forest and meadow,

We fly to the warm South!

Here’s another flock appeared, disappeared in the high clouds. Every day the birds got smaller and smaller.

– Do all birds fly? – worried a bug. – What about me? Probably, and I need to fly?

Fallen leaves. The bug flew to the pond. Fat frog and five frogs sat on a hummock. The bug sat on the stump (still caution out of the way) and asked politely:

– When are you planning to fly?

– To fly? Kwa-kwa! What nonsense! Fly you fools. We will go to sleep on the bottom, soft mud, at home. The truth is, kids?

well, well! Kwa-kwa! – croaked children in assent.

– What do I do? – asked the bug.

If you’d like, and you come down to us – the places in our house for everyone. And fear not: like you, we don’t eat. Well, let’s go, kids!

And she jumped into the lake, and for her and her five kids-frogs.

The bug looked at the water and was afraid he would drown if it dives deep. And then, the water is so cold, cold!

Setting the bug and sadly sings:

With birds on high,

With frogs deeply.

Where is the shelter for me to get it?

Where I winter to winter?

And then there’s the wind blew, and yellow leaves swirl away on the road. Cold, unhappy dog.

“Go, seek a hut”, he decided.

Under the root of the stump, he noticed a small hole.

“Look, maybe this is my hut?”

He poked his head and saw that it was not a hole, but the real Nora. He boldly got there and suddenly stopped: he saw a hole in about thirty snakes. They were asleep, intertwined with each other. In the very back. lay coiled big old snake, and near the entrance is a small. But that little seemed like a giant compared to the bug.

The bug got scared and jumped out of the hole. Small snake suddenly looked directly at the bug. But she did not move, as the bug ran away.

– Where have you been, baby? – he heard a familiar voice, turned around and saw an old beetle with horns.

– Uncle! I got to scary snakes! They too sleep, I woke up. Run away, they’ll eat us!

– Do not go where you shouldn’t, laughed beetle. Is vermenizi – large legless lizards. Very they need you. They went to bed for the winter.

– What are we going to do?

We, too, will go. And old beetle bug showed a crack in the bark of an old oak tree: – Here here and get some sleep! It’s time, it becomes cold.

— And for a long time going to sleep? asked the bug. I don’t like to sleep so long, I prefer to fly.

– When cold, will not fly, laughed the old man. – Sleep until spring, before the birds return and the flowers don’t bloom.

– Hmm…- shook his head, a bug. – Well, to sleep to sleep, ‘ he said and folded the wings.

He was tired from his travels and willingly fell asleep for the whole winter.

And the old beetle was quietly singing:

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