How to contribute to the development of memory?

All parents want their child did well in school, was able to make their own decisions, learned to analyze situations and make correct conclusions. But all this to a greater extent depends on the parents. Much of his time and attention you pay to the development of the child . Check out some practical tips that will help you relax and spend time with their children.

Play outdoor games on the air

In our body the third part of the total use of oxygen sent to the brain. The more oxygen enters, the more actively works and develops the brain. Oxygen saturation is more intense when the active dyatelnosti. American psychologists in the course of the studies found that physically active children part of the brain responsible for memory and learning . was about 12% more developed than in inactive. Thus, scientists have proven that the brain develops better in those children who are more physically active.

Read him every day

If you are reading to their children from an early age, you can help them significantly ahead of their peers in reading when they start school. Reading is actively developing the minds of children, contributes to the development of important neural connections, which are fixed due to the regularity of the action. Therefore, regularity is very important here, because when reading “time” such strong ties brain does not form.

Learn poems by heart, and not only

Invite a child to learn a code on the intercom, and your dad’s phone numbers, precise grandmother’s address, the phrase “How are you doing?”, “hi”, “goodbye” in all languages known to you, first, on a lighter similar to the native, for example, in the Polish language. By the way, the study of foreign languages at an early age is more effective than in older. Training short-term memory . according to scientists, is able, as a lever, to raise all the intelligence. Be sure to play with the whole family in “memory”.

He plays computer games

The child is playing computer games, here the main thing – do not overdo it. Games that involve the hands and eyes, improve coordination, helping children better understand what is going on around them, and faster to react. Choose games that develop strategic thinking and planning skills . It helps children to recognize visual cues. Our goal is to put a timer and respond to the signal indicating that the 20 minutes allotted for the computer, has expired and it is time to go for a walk.

Encourage them to copy your actions

This is a good way to develop attention, observation and imagination . Copy the actions of the baby (for example, combining walking and crawling) and describe what you are doing. The next stage of the game – the image of animals, birds, trees and even items. This technique is actively used by neuropsychology.

Play hide and seek

Starting with a simple “peek-a-Boo” to the treasure hunt with a map and compass – every game of hide and seek contributes to the formation of hundreds of new associations and consolidate old ones, complicating the system is the brain’s connections that will continue throughout life.

Train both hemispheres

From the first years of life the child is dominated by the right hemisphere of the brain. During this period he could recreate in his memory image, picture, written fragments, but not as text, but as a separate picture, and another, ever seen them.

From the age of three becomes the dominant left hemisphere, the development of the most modern educational techniques. Japanese scientist Makoto Shichida proved that the child’s ability to quickly decrease if constantly stimulated, only the left hemisphere and do not pay sufficient attention to the right, “responsible” for the subconscious and the unconscious.

Do him a massage

Touching the skin activates a huge number of nerve endings intermediaries between the skin and the brain and helps release “happy hormones” that are necessary for successful learning . so take the time to massage. Write on the back of the child the letters and paint geometric shapes, he guesses, then switch roles. Teach your kid the most simple techniques of self-massage is to RUB and knead three times top-down lugs, twist the tip of the nose to the right and to the left, to nibble and stroke the neck from behind, Pat – sink… First massage yourself, then hands the baby, putting their hands on top, then let him try to do it yourself.

Make sure he gets enough sleep

Don’t cancel NAPs for children of preschool age, it is very important as the brain is unloaded from seen and heard for the first part of the day and preparing for the new information. Children resting during the day, perform better than their peers who do not. In General, children’s sleep should be at least 11 hours a day.

Listen to music

It develops visual-creative thinking – ability to analyze, and then synthesize it. Such thinking underlies the majority of the exact Sciences. Best composer for children is still considered to be Mozart. His music and activates those parts of the cerebral cortex involved in motor coordination, vision and spatial thinking.

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