How to learn with the child poem

Many parents know how sometimes just to learn with your child in the poem . All children read poems on morning, and your kid poem again not given. Well as does not remember his words, and the words did not add up in the lines.

This demonstrates poor memory of the child. And without a good memory well in school or does not do! Then an urgent need to rectify the situation. Memory there are many games and exercises but the most effective is the memorization of verses. And the child can’t stand them and teach verses flatly refuses. How to escape from this vicious circle?

I have a few ideas, I would be glad if you will assist in o archivaria verses with the child . All these techniques were successful practice with my son and the kids in kindergarten. Children with good memory too poems to teach better in a playful way. The more the merrier.

Teach poetry in between

If your child and hear, neither of which did not wish about memorizing verses, don’t insist. Offer to go on the contrary, as Grigory Oster in his “bad advice”. Nothing to teach, why it is still.

Instead, invite a child to engage in his favorite activity: drawing, puzzles, collect designer, paint, lay out the mosaic patterns. Word to do what your child is doing with great pleasure. The main thing that this case didn’t require any dialogue.

Meanwhile you sit side by side and start with the baby talk. What? Yes, about anything! But then unobtrusively tell me about the following: “I have such an interesting story (not a word about the hateful verses read today. Now I’ll tell”. And begin to tell a poem.

It really should contain a story, not to be, say, about nature. For a start I recommend to take short poems from the repertoire Agnes Barto. Their content is understandable for the young child, always informative and great fun for the kids. The poem you have to tell, rather than read a book.

Now try to talk about the content of the poem. The child joined in the conversation? Wonderful! You can try to give him a book with a poem and a picture. Try with your child to repeat the story described in the poem and prose.

If the child did not notice the trick, willingly joined in the conversation and interested in the book with the poem, you can congratulate yourself. Procitajte the poem one or two more times and try to play in one of the following games for learning verses.

If you’re unlucky and the child still did not want to discuss the story, and therefore set aside all until the next day. The next day try to do the same thing, but with a different poem.

If a child again ignored and not included in the content of the poem, then you have only one option – to ignore the child and continue to read the poem. Then try to play with the child in games for learning verses.

Teach poetry playing

We won’t tell, and show.

This game is usually very well accepted by the children. The gist of it is that you read a poem, and then the child on the words or phrases to come up with appropriate movement.

In other words, to depict the content of a poem without words, and actions. Get some kind of pantomime. At first you have to help the child to come up with traffic, but the child will be perfectly capable of doing himself.

Usually this game is very fun, the kids get to have fun and to fool around on their invented movements. Don’t be afraid that it will distract him from the main goal – to teach a poem – no! On the contrary, will create a positive motive for memorization.

You read the poem and pause at the end of every line. Challenge your child to finish that last word. If the child is difficult not rush to tell – even try to remember. Try to tell him not words, and movements that you came up with in the previous game. Be sure to praise the baby.

You read a poem by one line, and the child repeats after you, like an echo. If the child cope to repeat on one line, you can offer to repeat two lines and then the whole quatrains.

For this game you need the ball. You read the first line of the poem and throw the ball to the child. The child recited the next line of the poem, and returns you to the ball. And so while the poem is not finished completely. Then you can offer to swap places and the poem is first read to a child.

Theatre Parsley

If you have dolls of the theatre Parsley or glove theater, you can offer to put on a show for toys or for other family members. Very well if you have the opportunity to invite other children. Then the children can take turns to be artists and to read for all your favorite verses.

General rules of learning the verses with preschoolers

Honestly, I have twelve years of work in kindergarten, can’t think of any child that would categorically did not want to teach poetry. Problems arise with children who do not speak or the child has a defect in pronunciation of sounds. Here requires patience and tact on the part of adults, as well as close cooperation with the speech therapist.

So, when learning of the poems follow the following rules:

The poem should be read to the child 2-n times

A talk on the content of the poem (a poem that was the most memorable, etc.)

At the next reading of the poem encourage your child along with you to tell you all that he remembered

Invite to play in one of the above games. Or you can play all in turn. The order of the games consistent with the rules of memorization of verses.

Do not just memorize the whole poem. You can teach two or four lines every day. Week is the normal time to teach a poem for the holiday.

Poems need to learn early how to tell expressive. To do this, have never read poetry and monotonically on melody. Very often adults when first learning to read poetry almost syllable by syllable, thinking that this kid better learn the words of the poem. The child will copy your reading and in consequence it is very difficult to explain that the poems are read differently. You’ve taught him so.

Make it a rule never to criticize the child. Criticism and harsh comments you only sow a extra complexes of the baby, and Oh how he will interfere in the school years. And we, adults, often suffer from complexes, which originated in childhood.

And the last tip. There is a version that before going to sleep the brain is most receptive to learning. If your baby despite all your efforts bad memorizes the verses, try to read it to him at night. And in the morning ask to recall what was read before bedtime.

I hope that my tips will help you and your child to teach poetry with pleasure. I wish you luck.

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