How to teach a child to books

For many parents, it’s no secret that there are children who prefer listening to when they read books, and sometimes themselves take them in hand, with interest and even considering reading them, and them under any pretext will not be forced to listen to a couple of lines. But also many of them wish that their kids listened with delight to the tales of their childhood and at least occasionally stretched for colored colorful books instead of TV and computer. How do parents need to behave and what to do to instill in your child a love of books and reading?

1. Serve children the example of his own keen on reading books and various printed publications.

Nothing can be done – in the first place, it is helpful to show love to that class to which you want to instill a love of children. Because children – terrible flies, and produce weaker replicas pig-kapioski! They all repeat after others: if dad all evening sits at the TV, and so, the child will sit at the TV with the remote in hand; if the mother clock “hangs” on the phone, so your baby will not anyhow any interest in the phones; parents love to play sports – a child with them; parents are always with book in hand, hence, the child will be the book to turn to open it, flip through and consider.

2. Try to read the “right”.

I have not once complained to a friend that no matter how it tried to teach the son to the books, she does not worked. When he woke up, she immediately picked up the book and, running after him, tried him something to read. While he ate, sat on the pot or rode on the swings, she diligently was read to him. But it came to nothing lead!

Better read the book when the child woke up to the book’s interest. As a rule, children are interested in reviewing new books – and then try to interest him in it. As soon as his interest in reading disappears or switches to something else, immediately put the book aside and never read.

Try to pick a mood or condition of the child when he is not very active, but not too sleepy or tired to be able to absorb the new information from books.

It is best if you little by little begin to read books to your baby immediately after birth (and during pregnancy). First read him small and simple quatrains, when the child learn to focus, show him books with large print on the entire page and tell who it depicts.

At first you will not be able to hold the interest of the baby to the book reading, and therefore do not aspire to this. It would be better if you will look at pictures, telling (not reading!), who does what, say what sounds animals, people, different niaouleni items.

Then something the baby will start to listen with interest, but not for long. Try to read expressive intonation, as if you personally are curious about what is written there. If you read the dialogue, change the voices for the characters, make them more realistic.

3. Expand range of books.

Yes, do not skimp – pick up the baby books of different shapes and different subjects, so he was a great choice. Quality toys are worth far more, and these books you child instill a craving to read for the rest of your life, so keep the balance of children’s books and toys in your home. Very well, if the store he’ll point you to a book that he wants. Do not worry that he will want what you don’t expect – they want all at once, so it will be able to transfer their attention to other, more accessible to you. What would you have suggested, they all enjoy it! But they will be important that they participated in the selection of books, and the books they have chosen independently, will enjoy great interest.

It is clear that we also need to consider the age of your child and choose books that fit their development and their interests. For example, to four months the child will try to snatch the book out of your hands to get to make her acquaintance. Then it’s time to move on cardboard and oilcloth book, which will be key in his library at the time.

Selection cardboard books are now very large and diverse, especially forms, attracting an increasing number of children in the ranks of their fans: here and all kinds of cars, first aid kits, boxes, trees, big-eyed animals. Among them are music, with sound.

Closer to a year you can already read and the ordinary paper edition, and to two years – and panoramic, with puzzles, stickers and a test (with a variety of tasks). In General, now you can easily choose books for even the most sophisticated taste!

4. Add mystery and “ban”.

But it’s not all books, but only the elect. Other children’s books should be available to the child at any time: select for his books shelves at the bottom, so he could get his hands on and select desired. And only one or two make “forbidden” – including that can give only an adult (at the request of the child or on its own initiative).

Remember, for the first year of the birth of my son gave a very large and beautiful book. They were thick and heavy –the child himself would have done. Besides, I was sorry that he accidentally crumpled or soiled. So I put them high on a shelf where he can reach them, and gave occasionally to read along with me or under the care of other relatives. His interest in these books was so great that amazed everyone! Not being able to speak, my son is very clearly gave to understand that he wants to read them, and several times a day begging.

The only condition is “forbidden” the book should be of interest for the baby! Small shabby book about the gingerbread man, you re-read 300 times already and no longer marketable, is not suitable.

5. Match your child’s interests.

And don’t forget about the interests of your toddler! Buying books for him, consider them but not their own. If you are in the childhood liked the “little Red riding hood”, it doesn’t necessarily have to like your kids, maybe they will like the “Three little pigs” or “Cinderella”.

If your son likes cars and planes, there’s no need to throw books with princes and princesses. And even more so, if your daughter relished cars and dinosaurs, don’t need it “breaking” and impose on it supposedly “girly” books and tales – give them the right to be interested in what they really like. And develop this interest! Like your son appliances – excellent! Buy him books with all sorts of cars, aircraft, trucks, construction equipment. The same applies to girls. Like daughter animals – let it have plenty of tales about animals and children’s encyclopaedias with them.

And another little trick: make sure you know what cartoons are like your kids, and find exactly the same book with pictures of them. Thank God, now there is full: and disney, and Soviet.

But don’t forget: the more of his love, the more of your soul you put in to reading books to your little treasure, the more they will like you! The more you “to see” the eyes of a child, the more you “hear” his ears, the closer you will be to his interests, and accordingly, the greater the love of books he will be able to instill!


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