Sign of the Zodiac Sagittarius child

Consider what features has the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius child. Mutable fire sign, Sagittarius is the most freedom-loving sign of the Zodiac. Its main features – the ambition, foresight, versatility and openness.

If the Zodiac child – Sagittarius

I often think that the song “Don’t Fence me in” (“don’t patronize me”) has to do with the qualities of Sagittarius. Children Sagittarians possess some of these qualities, but they can be a bit Moody until you understand that it is necessary to control their behavior.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius child. Children with personal planets (Sun, Moon, mercury, Venus or Mars in Sagittarius will demonstrate amazing ability to learn at a very early age. Training is not always associated with the school and traditional education system.

The nature of the child – Sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarians are taking things philosophically, and believe that every situation in life can teach us. Travel is one of the first places among the favorite activities of Sagittarius, especially if they are entertaining. They can bring great pleasure visiting the Park with exciting rides or theme Park such as Disneyland.

Most kids are enthusiastic Riflemen horses that are often associated with this sign because of their freedom-loving souls, and quick feet. These kids love walking in the fresh air, nature and wildlife.

They are attracted by activities that provide new opportunities and allows you to try new experiences. This expands their personal universe and enhances the feeling of personal freedom.

One of the aspects of this sign, which can create difficulties – the tendency constantly distracted. Such children find it difficult to concentrate on one thing, and it can be a huge problem, especially for those who have the Moon or mercury are in Sagittarius. However, it is possible to extract and benefit from the tendency of the child to be distracted.

The child of the zodiac sign Sagittarius in early childhood

For young children, given their limited attention is usually a plan of what they need to do during the day. If the child is doing homework in school, this is already against what was planned.

Less rigid adherence to routine (scheduled opportunity to escape from routine), for example, allows sometimes to pay more attention to schoolwork. It would be nice to give the child complete freedom in the learning process, although this is hardly achievable!

Zodiac sign Sagittarius child. Children with planets in Sagittarius often resist restrictions. Kid seeking to explore all around, not like it, if you leave it on the enclosed Playground. Although it will require more attention from their parents, he needs a larger space than a blanket on the floor.

The kid may like the sense of movement when it is in the child’s backpack tightly strapped to dad’s or mom’s back, but he may start to worry, if you leave it in that position for too long. The same situation is with the stroller. He prefers to be in your arms, but it will be hard to resist, if you suggest to walk holding hands!

As soon as the baby starts to expand his horizons, he gradually learns about the limitations. If you want to have it treated them with understanding and respect, you should explain to him why the need for these restrictions.

My daughter, in the map which four planets are in Sagittarius, constantly annoy me with their endless “why?” since two years. When I finally realized what she really wants to understand those things which asks, I became more responsive to her questions.

It has even come to the point that I was often given the answer even before the question was asked!

Appealing to common sense, parents put the child’s self-esteem that helps to build relationships with children based on greater understanding. Open communication is especially useful when dealing with a toddler, able at any time to run out on the street if his “leave without a leash”. Cooperation and understanding is able to “build fences” inside the child and then no longer have to keep him on a leash!

Small children, under the influence of Sagittarius, I love wind-up toys (can drive, walk, etc.), as well as toys that you can carry. Sometimes a crying baby can calm a short walk down the street or in the Park. Many parents Riflemen ask me why their kids for a long time crying.

In part, this may be the training of the vocal apparatus! However, a more likely reason is that these children, having a very powerful soul energy, can’t accept the fact that such a huge consciousness enclosed in such a tiny body!

Little children are Sagittarians love walking, because from birth, tend to remain in motion. Becoming a little older, such child will have the opportunity to visit many places, experiencing lots of different emotions from what he’ll face. The trip to grandma’s house, a walk in the Park or just a “change of scenery” may give him a real pleasure.

The child of the zodiac sign Sagittarius in adolescence

Such a child will like the books and tapes (especially the tapes of fairy tales). Also he would love to play with wooden horses, clockwork toys and toy cars. The older child will cause the admiration of running (and the boy and the girl). He will get pleasure from computer games that simulate racing or control of the aircraft, however ultimately he wants something more real.

Sagittarians have a resistance to any restrictions on their speech or physical manifestations of energy. Children Sagittarians tend not to miss anything and, possibly, will resist attempts to get them to bed routine.

Although difficult, this child must be taught to limit themselves. Personal liberty must be combined with personal responsibility. To teach your child-Sagittarius riding is not such a bad idea. Just need to explain to the child that the horse is not to be “zagnannoe up a sweat and was allowed to go back home”, and must be fed, watered, groomed and loved. Itself horse riding (especially English style) requires severe discipline and a very thin understanding of the animal. Gymnastics, martial arts, racing games and sports are also very suitable to the child.

The majority of children with energies of Sagittarius love hearing all sorts of stories, and to read, especially adventure stories. They have a good ability in foreign languages. Such children are encouraged to learn at least one foreign language. At first you may experience some difficulties with grammar and correct reading of words, which, however, are not insurmountable.

Child-Sagittarius likes to play different games, especially at an early age. Another of his favorite activity is to be in the air. Stay in a tent camp, hike, walking tour or just time spent in nature, are of great importance for the child under the influence of the sign of Sagittarius.

Even young Archer finds the study of religion fascinating pastime. This child needs to learn spiritual truths, because Sagittarius is constantly in search of the truth.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius child. Children Sagittarians can be very generous, generous and optimistic and able to “infect” everyone surrounding his confidence that all will be well.

These kids can teach us the Law of abundance (the concept, claiming that the universe always provides what we need), because they seem to possess an innate understanding of the law. The directness of such children can become a double-edged sword. We often don’t want to hear the truth. However, if you are among those who know “the truth”, is the child-Sagittarius, ready for her to still hear!

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