The Education of children in the family

The education of children in the family a complex of interpersonal relationships. Modern parents often use the wrong methods of education that leads to unpleasant consequences not only for families but also for society.

How to treat baby to grow healthy personality?

Types of relationships

First of all, you need to understand the methods of education that are used by parents. They can be divided into several separate types of relationships:

Dictatorship. This type represents the suppression of Chad, the desire to make it obedient to impose the views of the adult. The goal of such education is to realize their unfulfilled dreams, beating his own desires and subdue temper. Dictatorship is dangerous and in the end results in the hatred of parents.

Custody. Someone starts to raise their child in a horrible custody, protecting from any disappointments. Mom and dad try to give the baby everything and solve problems for him. While all family members are constantly praised and try not to scold. Such child rearing leads to the fact that, when faced with the realities of life, he will be stunned. Many children reared in excessive care, commit suicide. Care — too dangerous form of education.

Indifference. Family education of the child shall be directed to the development of independence. However, some parents understand this phrase literally. They simply forget about the existence of his child, not interested in his life and needs. These methods of education will lead to lack of attention and thoughts about loneliness. Children raised this way, appeal to the school psychologists and with difficulty find new friends.

Antagonism. The most dangerous type of relationship. It implies violence, cruelty and hatred. Antagonism is often found in dysfunctional families or couples where the children were unwanted. Children growing up in this type of relationship is doomed. Few of them grow and try to build relationships with people, to create a happy family. Most follows in the footsteps of their parents, become criminals.

Cooperation or democracy. The best type of relationship. It allows you to raise the child in a happy family, where take into account the desires and needs of all its members. A child in such a family is friends with equal rights, but less life experience. He is allowed to participate in decisions relating to him and the family as a whole, being a full member.


In the family there are often problems, especially in the presence of the baby. The role of the family in the upbringing of a child is enormous, so it is important to detect the problem and fix it. Otherwise, the little man may take it for granted in the future, when faced with a similar difficulty, nothing is done.

The adult generation can impose their views to the children, to make raising grandchildren in the atmosphere of past traditions. From this there are scandals in the house.

As with any dispute, whether parents and grandparents or mom and dad, whose parenting techniques are different, you need to compromise. Always choose the option that suits everyone, including the child. The role of education is too important to defend their interests.

It is possible to encounter another problem. When methods of education do not affect the baby, and so did the parents, it grows as if in a cocoon. Although the role of the family in the upbringing of child is significant, the decisive factor is the character. See if the kid is any deviation, it is better to show it to the doctors, not forgetting the psychologist.

Misunderstanding between generations, hatred, deception, cruelty and so forth arise as a result of improper training. Early childhood education is what’s important. In adulthood too late to change anything.

Children and the attitude towards them

Every kid is different and has its own set of qualities. But the relationship to the children, sometimes repeated. There are several “children”, established by their parents and a certain attitude.

Some raise children-debtors, hoping that the latter will “pay back” for their “kindness” my entire adult life. Usually these children from an early age to help make and give them a lot of problems. If children are not coping, they are scolded and punished. In the future this child will hear the phrase «We raised you! You now owe us!».

Others raise their children losers. Basically, these children are a burden, which is not wanted. They constantly remind you about it, tell how they are worthless and stupid. With such children often grow up disturbed people who do not want to create my own family.

Child-idol – at least a rare case. Children idols are very fond of, try to give them all. Them in no way to blame, praise for no reason. Such children grow up to be selfish and daffodils. If they have no talents, for which praised relatives, peace be on them about it. This news can destroy such child.

The best option – child-friend. It is treated with respect and understanding, appreciate and listen to his opinion. Child-friend in most cases is adequate for adults, able to make decisions independently, to think sensibly and create a happy family.

The Golden rules

To grow full and healthy person, you need to adhere to the following rules:

Everyone should take an active part in family life.

Parents are obliged to find time for the little man, interested in his life to help him.

The child chooses the interests, mugs and the time willing to spend on them. Let him from childhood to control their own life. Remember, what is the role of education.

Violence, cruelty, abuse, and other applicable adequate for the family.

The kid should be praised for merit, but not just so. Punishment is required, but without the use of brute force.

We have to respect the opinion of their miracle and perceive it as a fully fledged member of the family. Early childhood education especially demands it.

We need to respect the desire and hobby for all family members.

Do not compare your child with others, everyone develops differently.

You cannot clog the brain of the baby phrases «we have no money», » you can’t», «you’re ugly» etc.

Since childhood, adjust his thinking only to the positive.

Adhering to these simple rules and correctly assessing the role of education, You will be able to give their child everything that he needs. Parenting techniques are different, but the carrot and stick has not been canceled. Most importantly — to be able to use them and not overdo it.

Happiness to Your family!

And finally — the famous little helper and her happy mom. Positive you.

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