The Education of girls.

Features of education of adolescent girls

It is quite clear that girls are different from boys, and not only superficially and by sex. Try to understand more specifically what is this difference and how to raise the girl properly, what are the features of the education of girls.

Believe that girls are much easier to raise than boys. Of course, while they are small, they are more obedient, docile, give less trouble to his parents. Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes the girl has such a nature that it is easily boys will replace.

And here’s your lovely kind and obedient baby is growing up – here “pop up pitfalls.” All that you have not finished in childhood, manifests itself, usually in adolescence.

So what parents should definitely pay attention?

First, consider than the physiological development of girls is different from boys. Brain development in girls differently from boys. From little princesses to develop quickly left hemisphere is responsible for speech and communication. That’s why the girls begin to speak, read and write earlier than boys. And at school age they already dominated by the right hemisphere, in this regard, and thinking becomes intuitive – shaped, in contrast to boys who have more logical thinking.

The girls quickly get used to the new environment, because they are more emotionally resilient. No coincidence in the times of tsarist Russia school for girls were separate from grammar school for boys. And it was right. Because little boys lag behind the girls, they must be a different system of learning. Boys were raised to be brave, strong, noble, and girls these ladies.

In modern times gradually returns this forgotten practice. In some kindergartens, teachers are already doing this experiment: the boys are in their room where they have there proper environment, helping to educate masculine traits. And the girls are in the women’s bathroom, complete with a dressing table, and elegant furniture, in General, to raise a real lady. Some children only on a walk, and games, classes, breakfasts and dinners are held apart. Agree, some rational grain in it.

Psychological needs of the girls also differ. They require much more manifestations of love and care from parents. Some moms and dads trying to raise the daughter’s independence, keep their emotional impulses to stroke the baby, to cuddle. As a result the girl the impression that parents don’t love her.

To daughter trusted you later, try in the most difficult moments to support her, to show attention and care. For my daughter it is very important that loved ones had accepted her for who she is, interested in its progress, achievements and desires.

At the present time many women are aiming for a career and family often recedes into the background or not at all. Here we come to the fact that the education of girls, is still a difficult task. What priorities to place on to a successful career or a happy family? What character traits to encourage and which to try to “suppress”?

Education of adolescent girls, especially.

To instill in her daughter’s obvious leadership qualities (activity and independence) or to impart pliability, softness, empathy and compassion, in General, all those qualities that are essential to a loving wife and caring mother, to decide, of course, only parents.

It is a pity that preschool education does not affect such things as the education of femininity. It would seem, why bring up the fact that the inherent nature? It turns out that you need. And it must begin with the preschool age. The fact that modern women are so enthusiastic about fighting for equal rights with men who “lost” their main qualities: innocence, gentleness, purity – all the things that particularly attracted to the stronger sex.

Current teenage girls trying to behave on a par with the boys, smoke, drink beer, swear, do the wrestling. What kind of femininity are? And all because of gaps in education, admitted in early childhood.

The education of girls in the family

The girl should see a pattern of behavior, especially in his family. Mom always feminine (sweet, kind, tender, attentive and caring). So, dear mothers, if you have a family growing up, the future woman, don’t forget to take care of yourself, be my daughter to have a real example to follow.

The Pope, who, as a true gentleman, always caring for his mother and his little Princess. For the emotional side is very important for dad’s attention, his approval, daddy’s love. Dad is the first and principal man in a girl’s life, the ideal of manhood. And how feminine daughter will grow depends on dad’s dad’s approval and mild criticism. Very important a harmonious relationship with the Pope, because in the future the girl at the subconscious level, chooses a husband, like his father. And the love and harmony between parents – here that provides a good education is not only a daughter but also a son.

Look carefully, what toys your daughter prefers: funny dolls or guns and cars. Best daughter kindergarten not to buy adult doll (Barbie or Cindy), and dolls in the children’s way. The fact is that when a girl plays in mother – daughter, her doll is “baby”. So Barbie is still better to defer to at least six years.

If girl playing the boy’s game, it is unlikely that in the future she will be feminine. At preschool age it is still possible to fix.

Consider how to build the spiritual upbringing of your baby. Unfortunately, books written specifically for girls, to date, very little. Make sure that your daughter has read at least these books. But began to appear special magazines for young princesses. Little girls love them, and they are not only educational, but also a developmental function.

If you think seriously about the future of his daughter, pay special attention to the romantic education of girls. No need to fear that such education will come in contrast with a fact of life. Romanticism is very much tempers the soul, especially since it is inherent in the nature of women. Do not limit yourself to only the examples from classical literature. Tell your daughter about your relatives and friends whom you consider worthy to follow. As often as you can create the girl are situations in which it would about someone to take care of. Be sure to praise your daughter for this, once again, emphasize what she done. Praise is an additional incentive to further action of this kind.

Be sure to pay attention to the issue of accuracy. A girl should always be clean and tidy, not only in the kindergarten and on the street, but at home too. And here again the mother should be a good example. If a parent walks around the house in a not-so-fresh robe, and from her daughter demands that she was a neat freak, it is unlikely that such a teaching moment will have a positive result.

But is it really just all a matter of upbringing, who you will be: “Princess” or “robber”? Of course, no. Depends on the temperament of your little girl. If it is too active, likes to attract attention, then most likely she will behave like “little robber”. And the task of parents again is to direct this energy in the right direction.

Good luck to you in raising your girls!

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