The effect on children of their environment

Archpriest Vladislav Sveshnikov, elder paisios of the Holy mountain, the priest Alexander Christmas.

Small children should be brought to communion regularly, to be sanctified, because, unfortunately, they grow in poor, spiritually unhealthy environment.

Elder Paisios Of The Holy Mountain

When people, and especially children, will visit the Church, they calm down and become more peaceful, but after some of modern cinema or video session, where the blood flows, where twenty corpses on the screen showed, and then they all discuss it, screaming, hands waving, excited. And no wonder then fighting, beating each other because they have these instincts come out, they unwittingly repeat all he had seen. And here it is involuntary copying is a very serious thing, because “out of sight, out of mind”. With the monk, the monk will be elected will be elected, with innocent innocent will, the shrew will be defiled. And one of the aspects of education is the selection of an appropriate atmosphere, appropriate for friends, colleagues and so on. We were picked up communication for our children, was not allowed in there, where would they be without us, went and went and with them took them, where there are children.

Archpriest Valerian Krechetov

Especially important in the education to protect children from bad environments. How beneficial for them to have before him a cautionary examples, it is harmful to be among society people spoiled: Thin community — in the words of the Apostle, — corrupt good manners (1 Cor. 15, 33).

Priest Alexander Christmas

The world is an extremely powerful tool of influence on the souls of children. Deliberate, depraved influence of the media is much more vivid and powerful than all our educational efforts.

Archpriest Vladislav Sveshnikov

Children poison, infect the different theories that undermine their faith. They are hindered in doing good to make them not fit for anything. Break them from an early age. And of course, that of agnatic children become young goats. Then they begin to terrify his antics parents, teachers, and those, at whose bidding they do. Children turn it upside down — rally, capture the school refuse to attend classes. But eventually will come to mind and those who encourages children to evil, is depraved when their children begin to rip their evil teachers bellies.

Elder Paisios Of The Holy Mountain

It is clear that no single, even very hot parent gusts achieve nothing, because most of the time the child is out of their parents ‘ attention, even when they don’t work. There are household chores, other responsibilities, but most important: it’s impossible to keep track of the mystical influence of the world, which in some cases manifests itself quite openly, and some much thinner.

The influence of the world destroys the spiritual and moral consciousness. It is possible that in the next generation or through one or two generations will grow a new society, it is absolutely incomprehensible to those who would live to the time. And if our children will not be able to start living in the Church, the impact of the world take over, will inevitably win or religious, or all colors of the world, mostly sinful, but very to prosecute perpetrators of their own sinfulness.

Only the opposition of the destructive power of evil, only one of the main areas of confrontation — the strengthening of family life — and will help each separately, and the overall situation in the Orthodox world.

Archpriest Vladislav Sveshnikov

Daily we must be prepared to overcome the influence of the world healthy Christian upbringing. Everything a child learns in school should be checked and corrected at home. Do not think that what you give to him, master, just useful or neutral: even if he acquires useful knowledge or skills (and most modern schools shamefully fails in this), it will teach many wrong viewpoints and ideas. The literature, music, history, art, philosophy, science and, of course, life and religion must first go not from school, but from home and the Church, otherwise the child will get the wrong education.

Imposed on us by samoobladanie, relaxation, lying down, enjoyment, refusing the slightest thoughts of another world is in various forms of teaching atheism. Knowing what the world is trying to do to us, we must actively defend. Alas, when we observe the life of Orthodox families in today’s world and how they pass on their Orthodoxy, it seems that this battle with the world more often lose than win.

Hieromonk Seraphim (rose)

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