The Ideal age difference between children is About love

Deciding that the best cure for baby selfishness will be the birth of a second child, parents begin to calculate the ideal age difference between children. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each age interval.

Children close in age

Pros . Children grow and develop at the same time, two-year age difference is almost imperceptible: the kids have common friends, shared interests, Hobbies, they like the same toys. They are comfortable to play together, same age harmoniously coexist in the same room. The mother meanwhile is a little more time to themselves and household chores while the kids are passionate about cooperative games. According to leading psychologists, children pohadka rarely have to correct the behavior. They almost feel a sense of jealousy, first, because not yet finished selfish, and, secondly, are in need of friend with whom you can play.

The woman focused on building a career, wanting to reach some vertices may find your pregnancies, following each other, a significant advantage. At first she will feel that she has buried their professional ambitions in a pile of diapers, but not quite. As a rule, the children’s mother-the sibling is on leave to care for a child about four years old, and not twice in three years, when the difference between more children. In addition, mother pogodok remembers each stage of child development, which greatly simplifies the care of a second child.

Cons . According to many parents, these children are rarely planned. Often the news of a second child plunges into shock both spouses. They have just started to learn the basics of parenting and just not psychologically ready for a new pregnancy. However, the child conceived in a happy family, living happily as a rule, decide to give life.

Since the body of a young mother still not completely recovered after the first pregnancy, the second can cause complications. In fact, obstetricians believe that the optimum rest period for women between pregnancies is 2-3 years. In addition, the care pogodki the first stage requires mom a lot of physical resources. Children require attention simultaneously and categorically: both need to bathe, feed, rocking. Ideal – grandparents, who at the time will take care for the older baby.

It is believed that the birth pogodok is a real challenge for love between husband and wife. And mom and dad live a long time on the breaking point of physical and emotional capabilities. This leads to conflicts and it is very important to find a balance that will contribute to the preservation of the family. The birth of children with a difference of 1-2 years becomes stress for working moms. She fears that will irrevocably lose the qualification, and a diploma and a bright future will be unused.

The age difference between children 2-4 years

Pros . This difference in age between children experts consider optimal. Children still brings a variety peculiar to this age interests. Moreover, the eldest child is already capable of take care of themselves. He is able to eat independently, to dress, to think of the game and to follow the script. Junior, in turn, is closely watching the senior and copies his actions. It is noticed that the second the kids with a difference of 2-4 years more intelligent and developed. The first child to be more responsible to younger, you can trust him to look after him while mum does the housework. Given that the female body in preparation for a new pregnancy takes about 2 years, from a physiological point of view, now is the time to give birth to a second baby.

Cons . The oldest child often was jealous of the younger. Parents have to learn to give love to the children in equal proportions, so that neither of them would feel left out. Otherwise it can hurt the relationship of sisters and brothers. For a woman dreaming of a career, the difference in age is not the best option. Just released from maternity leave, restored business contacts, adjusted for realization of their professional needs, it is forced to file a leave for pregnancy and child care.

The age difference between children 5-7 years

Pros . Mom can care for a newborn, not torn between the two children. Because the first child went to school, he is independent, more or less sensible. While the elder is in the classroom, a young mother caring for a baby. There is an opportunity to see first-grader to school and meet him that often is a big problem for working parents. However, in the afternoon, mom will be able to find time for both children to feed the younger ones, to help the eldest with homework. Incidentally, this difference in age will allow you to give both children an education. The financial burden of children’s education will not be too severe if between children will be a difference in 5-7 years. The first child can be a great helper for moms. If not jealous, of course.

Cons . Likely to play together children with a difference of 5-7 years ’ s too different from them the intellectual development, interests and Hobbies.

Parents are very important to be able to devote time to the two children: the older it is adapting to the school, he is under stress and needs the support of moms and dads. Successful acclimatization depends on many things: interaction with classmates, teachers, academic performance in General. The younger the child is at its peak, he is like a sponge and absorbs everything he sees, hears, feels. Mom and dad to him like a beacon, showing the right course for development.If parents will not be able to find a middle ground between the older and younger child, the probability of occurrence of jealousy, and even hatred of the older to the younger.

The age difference between children 8-10 years

Pros . The eldest child can care of themselves: to prepare Breakfast or run the washing machine. Parents to the birth of the second baby time well get promoted, improve housing conditions, to see the world.

Cons . For the first child, accustomed to the fact that the microcosm of the family revolves around him, information about the upcoming addition to the family will clap like thunder from a clear sky. On his part not only possible manifestation of dissent, but blatant aggression. Children do not have common interests. Moreover, senior, who was asked to sit with small, often perceives it as a burden. In the future they will be vying for the attention of parents and to compete in the achievements. The probability that children with this age difference will never be particularly close. Parents have long forgotten the basics of newborn care. And vision on many things has changed, improved. So she often catches herself thinking that it again.

Age difference in children over 10 years

Pros . Late child becomes an outlet for parents, because senior grew up, he rushes outside to peers. The parents in communicating now he almost doesn’t need. Some spouses are hard to tolerate the so-called “gap energy of the umbilical cord”. The second child, after 10 or more years after birth of first child, allows them to focus all my love and affection for the newborn. In addition, the birth of a second baby gives the couple the opportunity to feel young again.

Cons . It is unlikely that children will unite brotherly-sisterly feelings. The gap between them in over 10 years. Of course, all of these nuances is rather arbitrary and is largely dependent on the environment in which children grow. As long as the children are healthy physically and psychologically, and for that they first and foremost need parental love.

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