The Influence of fairy tales on the mental development of the child

Choosing a children’s tale for your baby, be sure to note the peculiarities of his mental development. Need to know at what age this tale the child will be helpful. In two years the child has developed the ability to keep in memory their own actions with objects and simple actions fairytale characters. This is the age when children love stories about animals. Children are happy, following adults, imitate the movements and sounds of fabulous animals, their actions with different objects. In fairy tales the kids notice and like repetitive narrative momentum. This technique, widely known for his children’s tales such as “Turnip”, “tower”, “the Gingerbread man”. Such organization of speech “storyteller”, helps a young child to remember the story and “get comfortable” in it. Psychologists say that for a better understanding of fairy tales, children need to rely not only on a verbal description, but also on the image. Visual image is a main support for tracing events. Such supports may be good illustrations in books, or action, played out by the parents on the story using puppets.

Between two and five years begins to develop the child’s ability to vividly present in the mind and fantasize. In other words, a child’s brain is ready to perception of fairy tales. However, it is this achievement of the mental development of a child may cause fears associated with the characters of fairy tales. Parents need to pay attention to the loved and the unloved child characters that will help them to identify the psychological problem of the baby, if it exists, and the time to adjust his mental development. The perception of the tale should be to enhance the child’s confidence in their future, and not to scare him.

Between five and seven years, children can read any tale, the story is interesting to the child. Of course, this work should develop all aspects of the child’s personality: thinking, imagination, emotions, behavior. Now he can come up with something that is not actually carried out their fantasies into a desired reality. With a five years old kid should be able to retell well-known stories. If your child has difficulty retelling of the tale, if he forgets the plot repeatedly read him fairy stories, simplistically understand the relationship of the characters or with great difficulty choosing the words, then this may indicate a delay of mental development of the child. You should immediately consult a psychologist and a speech therapist.

Even if the child already learned to read, you should not interrupt the tradition to read and to tell stories aloud. At any time family reading fairy tales give a lot and a little boy and a grown man, bring them closer together soul. It is known that children grow up unnoticed, so it is important tale, told in exactly the baby. In a simple children’s tale contains all the most necessary, the most important thing in life, more alive than life itself.

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