The Influence of television on the child’s perspective

It’s no secret that for a long time at the computer and the TV has a bad effect on the person’s vision. When it comes to the child – is generally a separate topic.

What are the characteristics of vision in children ?

In infants the eyeball is shorter. Light rays entering the eye, form a bundle, which is located behind the retina. Such a phenomenon doctors call hyperopia. Accordingly, about the first year of his life child is long-sighted. And the full ripening of his eyes only to 4 years. Therefore, the effect of television on a child at such a young age negatively.

So, to visual stress in childhood and can include drawing, reading and watching TV. The question arises, whether it is harmful TV for children ?

The thing is that because the child’s vision is not yet fully developed, when a signal is received, the kid have to strain your eye muscles. Naturally, all of this happens regardless of the wishes of the child, that is, instinctively. Now, it turns out that if such loads are too time-consuming, may stop such translational opportunities that leads to the development of other disease – myopia.

A negative factor could also be the contrast . which is expressed, for example, the backlight of the TV. Be careful, make sure that at the time when the baby is watching TV in the room was included common light. Otherwise the child is tired out, he’ll be annoyed eyes.

Overall, features of children does not mean that the TV your child watches cannot. You can allow to watch interesting educational programs. What can we do to reduce the negative influence of television on the child in this case?

Prevention of vision impairment in children should include proper distribution of viewing time of programs. Your baby is less than 2 years? Then try and not to exclude the TV from his life. At this age the child is when you view may also very excited that badly affect his nervous system. Of course, with the help of the TV the baby and can quickly calm down, as the screen draws its colorful pictures. However, use in this is no.

The older kid can watch educational programs, but not more than 30 minutes a day. With 4 to 7 years time may be increased to an hour, until 13 years – up to 2 hours. It is important to remember that this does not mean that coming from the school or from a walk, the child sits down on the sofa and continuously, for two hours, watching TV. Prevention of vision impairment in children should include breaks between hits gear .

In any case, as a child and an adult is not allowed to watch TV in complete darkness. Light mandatory in the dark, otherwise there will be a state of fatigue.

Note the position of watching TV. She should be sitting, and the distance to the screen should be about 3 meters or more. The larger the TV screen, the greater should be the distance from him.

Finally, remember that the notice, harmful TV children, not so easy. The child may not complain of discomfort in the eyes. Therefore, the best rules in this case will be the preventive measures and guard against excessive influence of television on the child, as well as trips to the ophthalmologist.

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