Tips for parents

I feel that turn into ass-stupid. Every day I repeat to Yaroslav and Kate the same memorized phrases: “Yarik, hang up the jacket on a hanger”, “Katya, pick up toys», «Yarik, clean up on the table”, “Kate, put your pencils in the box”. Some household maniac, one word. But if I don’t turn this broken record here, our apartment will be buried under the rubble of toys, books, candy wrappers, bits, clothes. Because the children themselves can calmly live in such a mess.

One night I jumped up from a loud noise. It was coming from a child. It turned out that Jaroslav is not removed from his bed on the second floor a few machines, and at night the Armory fell out of bed son.

Recently I about five hours to restore order in the nursery. Carefully, spine to spine, folded books, cards son and his soldiers. Have collected a few pictures of the puzzles scattered daughter. Children sparkling clean. I’m only a couple hours away from home… All books, cards and puzzles were scattered, jumbled, on the floor, and the kids scissors cut a box of Christmas toys hidden until the next New year in the dressing room. But the most outrageous is that they refused to clean up this terrible mess.

“Mom, I hurt my leg”, – complained year-old daughter. “And I’m not cleaning, I don’t want”, said the son. I took the kitchen broom and dustpan and silently started raking litter in a trash bag. Sweeping the toy under the tears and cries of the children, I realized I’d made a mistake in their education. I cleaned their room. And now I will be very difficult to teach them to put things back in place. That day we were cleaning up in the morning.

Strange, but, apparently, my broken record and Venice-Sov method still worked. “Your daughter – the only one who cleans your toys away”, – commended my teachers nursery. The son also takes out the toys in the garden without another word. Now I have to motivate them to be the same “decent” home. Tomorrow I want to try out a game called “Cleaning company”. The best employees will be awarded diplomas.

Tips from the expert

Yulia Komarova, child psychologist, family club «Everything is solved”

Some advice to parents, how to teach a child to put things right for you:

1. Be consistent. If you require that the child cleaned toys today, then insist on it tomorrow and the day after. Don’t insist, only if you see that the child is ill or tired.

2. After the request “let’s clean the toys” wait a bit. If the child does not respond to the request – do not repeat it again and again. Just take the kid for a pen (do not drag him by force!) and slowly head toward the toys.

3. Do not ask what the child is simply not able to do: for example, if toys are too many or they are difficult to sort through.

4. Learn the “remove”: demonstrate time and again how to put the toys, explaining to the child that everything has its place, otherwise the toy gets lost and the baby will not be able to find them.

5. Turn cleaning up into a game then he would be happy to do it.

6. Be an example: get your things, explaining that everything has its place. Say: “I put my things, and you take your”. This will help the child to internalize concepts such as “my” and “alien” and teach respect.

7. For older children, introduce the rules: play – put your toys away. You can enter a rewards system. Write the days of the week and every day to check the order. If the child gave the order – draw a happy face on it, if not – nothing draw. At the end of the week calculate and decide, he earned “prize” or not.

The teachers ‘ meeting

Jacqueline Olejnik: ‘Take a garbage bag and no screams all put into it. Explain: once things roll, so not needed. I once did it. Throw out anything not necessary. Anushka thought and decided that the toys she still needed. Bedtime now always cleaned”.

Valeria Biryuzova: “he Said, that if it is not cleaned, the toys one by one fly into the trash, as a result threw a toy (not a favorite), and the child believed that the mother was not joking. Everything else was collected, and the toy is thrown really. Needs to be voiced only those penalties that you will take into effect: if it says “turn off the cartoons”, it means that the whole day, not to include”.

Ekaterina Petrova: “we also Have a garbage bag in effect. While in effect. Why so far? Just my nephew said to his sister: “Put it away, mum, put it away, I know that’s not going to throw, at the same time and the order will be”. Him four years”.

Olga Yakusheva: “once freaked out and really carried the trash bag of toys – not helped. The son grew up, but the problem still exists. Now we just agreed that he plays in the computer only in the evening on the condition of order in the room. It worked!”

Maria Korolenko: “we Have two years with cleaning toys inculcated with the game. With burning eyes all the adults played in the “the way you look at things” or “train with toys is sent to the depot” – and a child it was so exciting! And so entered into the system. The word “maid” we didn’t even use. It is always called in the game”.

Catherine Lowkis: “We the people “Alice” by the Montessori method. There they are taught from birth: played – back. A couple of months already have the result. But there is one subtlety – you need to teach up to three years, then it will be much harder”.

Daria kukhreidze: “the Only thing the order is “LEGO”. In beloved “LEGO” God forbid circuits to confuse. In the garden in the group also suggests the order always, no complaints. And at home. all “now” Yes “tomorrow” Yes “now finish watching the movie” and ends with the fact that I’m tired of waiting and clean itself”.

Aishat Davudova: “My oldest learned to remove only 10 years. Had tried all possible methods and encouragement, and punishment. And taken from clever books tricks. There were “ejection” of toys, and Zakopane tears the letter to Santa Claus with a single request: to return the toys. He created a miracle, and we have the miracle did not happen. I’m already on what did not hope, when once observed, as Diana took the toy from the floor and carried to the place, took a school uniform and hung it in the closet! I was struck dumb. Then I heard she said Karin: if you leave toys here that will grow up around them is a mess. Now in her room about more than throughout the apartment. So my method is patience and an illustrative example with explanations. The method is not quick, but others have not worked”.

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