Tips for parents of first-grader

Tip one: the most important thing you can give your child is your attention.

Listen to his stories about the school, ask clarifying questions. And remember: what you think is not very important for your son or daughter could be the most exciting event for the entire day! If your interest in its Affairs and concerns, he will feel your support. Listening to it carefully, you will be able to understand what the child needs your help, what should talk with a teacher, what really happens after you say goodbye to him at the door of the school.

Tip two: your positive attitude to school and teachers will facilitate the child’s adjustment period.

Collaborate with your child’s teachers, offer help, be active. In the class with active parents as it is noticed, closer and better relationships between children, more interesting life, more holidays and trips.

Even if you personally, as parents, have any questions to the teachers, you feel that something needs to be done differently, all friction should remain between adults. Otherwise the child will be forced to be torn between the love of parents and authority of the teacher. Very harmful negative or disrespectful statements about school and teachers “in the family circle”, it is much more difficult child adaptation period, would undermine the peace of the child and confidence in the care and harmony between important to him adults.

Tip three: your calm approach to the school cares and school life will help the child.

Seeing parents calm and confident, your child will feel that the fear of school is simply not necessary.

Tip four: help the child to establish relationships with their peers and feel confident.

Especially your help will be needed if the child did not go to school in kindergarten. In this case, he’s not used to that attention adults is distributed immediately among several children. Praise your child’s sociability, rejoice aloud his new school acquaintances. Talk to him about the rules of communication with their peers, help to become your child interested in others. Teach him new games, so he could show them to friends. Invite your child’s classmates to your home – a simple tea party, and little master will learn to accept guests.

No need to “bribe” the attention of the school mates of your child expensive toys and clothes. So your child learns to be desired in itself. Your son or daughter may face with envy and disapproval classmates.

Confident, sociable child adapts to any situation faster and quieter.

Tip five: help your child get used to the new mode of life.

The child becomes accustomed to school, not only mentally, but physically. Many children in the first grade for the first time faced with the need to get up at the same time in the morning. During 3-6 hours of the school day, the child actively learns. In six or seven years such a load equal to a tense working day of an adult. With the beginning of schooling dramatically increases the load on the nervous system, spine, vision, hearing of the child.

If you have not adhered to the mode of the day, then try to gently enter him. Your daughter or son needs regular, prolonged sleep. Help the student to learn to fall asleep at the same time.

Do not force your child to sit for lessons. We ourselves would not want to after coming from work we were immediately forced to return to production problems. The child needs time to relax. This is useful for the learning process itself. The brain uses the rest time to “put new knowledge on the desired shelf”. The child, like us, after a day’s work your own slice of peace and relaxation. Good help six-year-old body will be the habit of day-dream. This will help the child gently to switch from kindergarten to a more strict school regime. Take care of your baby’s health, as in the first months of schooling flaws in the regime of the day will be felt more seriously than before.

Tip six: wise attitude of parents to the school marks will exclude a third possible trouble child.

Many moms and dads so want to be proud of their children and so worried about their marks that make the child in the application to the school diary. School success is certainly important. But this is not the whole life of your child. Remember their classmates and friends. How many successful people do you know that the school was not listed among the standouts?

The school mark is an indicator of the child’s knowledge on the subject of this subject at the moment. No relation to the child’s personality. Praise your child for his school success. Help with difficult subjects. Just remember, no amount of “fives” could not be more important than the happiness of your child.

Adults are happy about the success of their children. For this success they are willing to go to great lengths. So let’s try to make the first steps made by the student in the school world, were for him and his family members happy and confident!

13 bad advice for parents of first graders

1. Throw away all the toys, let nothing distract the child from school.

2. In any case do not leave the child free time. Load it up, put it on a few sections right from September.

3. Of course, the iron discipline above all! No matter what the child will lose old interests, desires, taste for life in General.

4. In no case do not give praise. Because self – esteem is such nonsense, most importantly, not all proud!

5. Remember, rewriting is the best way to love letter, even with tears in his eyes.

6. And of course, often put in the example to your child of other, more successful children. After all, envy is much more important than self-confidence!

7. The best way to help the child is to do everything for him. Quickly and without problems!

8. At any price give your child a hearty Breakfast in the morning. No matter what no appetite that day starts with tears and conflict.

9. The portfolio always collect yourself, so that nothing is forgotten. So reliable. And for the next few years this will become your favorite pastime in the mornings or the evenings.

10. Wear the baby too it yourself – save time fees to the school. After all, the autonomy of your child in the future will only hamper!

11. In no case do not need your child to relax after school. The lessons better to do it immediately while it is still fresh in memory.

12. The best way to break from lessons is a computer and a TV. The child is interested and you don’t mind. And playing together, walking is a waste of time for both of you.

13. And, of course, it’s time to throw the useless habit of reading stories at bedtime. He already knows how to read.

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