Unconditional love is

Have you ever Noticed that almost all the subjects (poetry and prose, books and movies), describing the love, present it as the greatest happiness, which, however, goes hand in hand with suffering?

This is the law? And true love without suffering does not really exist?

Love brings suffering, if it is based on has his right to full possession of the other person. Here are some of the most important rules, compliance with which allows you to approach the understanding of what unconditional love and rid yourself of suffering.

Unconditional love begins with the ability to love a person and it’s uniqueness. And «uniqueness» – it’s not red hair, and a cheerful disposition, not reckless courage, and intelligence. What then? Man’s soul, her innermost aspirations.

This is the inner world that does not flaunt it, and watch out for himself and the nearest person. If you want to – it’s those moments of inspiration, which is experiencing a loved one, doing photography, or trying themselves in the art of versification, carving out figurines made of wood or trying to turn «Zhiguli» if not «Mercedes», then «Volkswagen». It is those moments of joy that he experiences in skydiving, while rafting on a mountain river or a quiet song at the campfire.

«If you love the person its most subtle moments, everyday moments fade into the background and lose their ability to hurt to hurt, and eventually, a love to kill», – says Oksana.

Unconditional love does not wait. The first stage of love all the beautiful – is a delight, in most cases, full denial, infinite happiness only from the fact that in this crazy world suddenly found the man that you are so close and so dear. And then.

And then comes the expectation that this «just favorite person» make your life more beautiful and easier, you will have to shoulder at least some of your internal psychological problems and everyday problems. «Tell me a hundred times a day that I am better than anyone, because in my childhood my parents tried so hard to convince my unworthiness, that I believed it and now a hundred years fighting it. And don’t forget that your salary is my salary. No? So, you don’t love me!» And the tears, the frustration, the disappointment.

«do Not wait for a loved one that he will guide your life in a happy way! When life comes true love, life itself is changing the most magical way. But that still want to change, you need to do with their hands, and not to load their problems to another person and not be upset about the fact that he does not justify your expectations», second sounds expert advice in a relationship.

Unconditional love is the ability to think first about myself, but about my favorite person. The desire to understand the act of man, proceeding from the conviction that your chosen man is the best is hard. We are all imperfect, and sometimes even itself is difficult to explain why you do so, and not otherwise. And to understand the action of another person.

«Unconditional love knows that all people make mistakes and are ready to forgive it for the sake of something much bigger than accidentally disconnected words or is not entirely clear deed» – the third postulate Oksana about unconditional love.

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