Why babies cry before sleep

In the first year, children often cry at bedtime. Studies show that 30% of children disturbed sleep. As a consequence, there are problems with night waking, falling asleep and changing the sleep mode. These reasons appear in children at preschool age and lead to hyperactivity in the children’s behavior, depression and mental disorders.

Causes of crying child

Baby crying before sleep can be explained by the fact that during waking hours it is oversaturated information and at bedtime he needs to throw out the accumulated reserve of energy and emotions. Causes of crying child is different. And often the child cries before going to sleep not because he is hungry or in pain, and only by the fact that, not just weeping, he won’t be able to sleep. Many are crying because the light was too bright or they hear loud sounds. Why need to protect him from these stimuli.

Why the child is crying before bedtime

Why the baby is crying at bedtime

If the child is crying for no reason, do you think we should make sure first that it hurts nothing. If the child is a newborn, the main cause tears and bad restless sleep are colic. What really is a dream in this case. Here can help special drops, massage the tummy. warm diaper on colic, or tea with fennel.

But there is a psychological factor. So, waking up at night, the child sees mom around, and he’s so used to see her in the daytime, so the child may fret and cry. There are two ways. The choice of method depends on you.

Dr. Spock (this name is familiar to every mother believes that the child can learn to fall asleep independently alone in just three nights. The process itself painfully from a moral point of view. The meaning is that when the baby cries, the mother should not approach the crib. Or walk a few minutes to try to calm the child (which is unlikely) and leaving again. This method requires the mother a lot of patience and every. On the third or fourth day the child will understand that my mother will not approach him, and crying will stop.

A baby crying at bedtime due to the fact that he may have started teething. In this case, you need to apply a soothing ointment for the gums.

After 2-3 years, on the background of views of TV programs, cartoons children often acting bad dreams. The child becomes restless, cries in his sleep, screaming or just talking. Often, to avoid stress during sleep, the child moved to sleep to parents. He’s comfortable and the feeling of fear disappears, there is a sense of security. Parents often allow such actions. With time a child to learn to control emotions and understand where you sleep and where reality. You should not consider this problematic situation, it will be resolved in the near future. In practice it is shown that sleeping with parents for a long time the children experiencing the divorce of parents, death of someone from the family or the child simply does not have enough attention and warmth of the parents during the day.

To stop the tears before bedtime and at night, do not overload the child in the evening. Try all the important points such as lessons, reading, cleaning room, to solve during the day.

Sleep problems

To understand for yourself why babies cry before sleep , can answer the following questions and in case of a correct answer, you should read more to study the features of such action on the part of the child.

Loves your child during the day to lie down and get some sleep? He always falls asleep problem and long? Waking up in the morning, the child arrives in a bad mood. When travelling by public transport the child falls asleep. The baby is sleeping less time than recommended by specialists. Throughout the day the child is irritable, aggressive and sometimes tired. Constantly demands to be lifted. Constantly yawns and rubs his eyes.

If you have the answer with positive index, it is worth considering that even at an early age to solve the problem of restless sleep. If the process is run, it will only get worse.

Training healthy sleep

Sleep has always been considered, and will be deemed, the best way to regain strength. If a child before sleep, crying heavily , parents this should serve as a kind of “bell” to the fact that something is not right. If you start to set sleep mode the child at a very early age, the result will be full of the rhythm of a child’s life in the future. You should be aware of the rules and consequences associated with sleep:

During sleep in humans restored the strength of the body. On growth child’s dream, no doubt, has a huge impact. Sleep also affects the immune system of the child. Sleep problems affect the behavior during the day. Too emotional to children is sometimes very difficult to calm down and go right to sleep. Children who sleep ‘properly” and in the right amount of time. Feel well during the day, are more receptive to learning processes and arrive in good spirits. Scientists tend to believe that during sleep the brain solves a lot of problems and sorts the information received throughout the day. If the child is not getting enough sleep, it does not eat, became Moody, irritable and cries often. Frequent whims and tears can point to the fact that the child simply wants to sleep. Children who do not get enough sleep, less absorb new information, irritable and have bad memory. If your child often wakes in the night, it eventually can cause the vagaries and conflicts with parents.

Our sleep is influenced by internal biological clock, the loop which is formed in the first weeks of the baby’s life.

Baby crying after swimming

Why do babies cry after swimming

Babies cry during and after bathing for a variety of reasons. It can be abdominal pain, prorezalsja teeth, desire to sleep, headache or usual boisterousness.

There are several opinions about the proper preparation for bathing. This may help in answering the question of why the child is crying before or after bathing. Some are inclined to believe that swimming should be before the evening feeding. After that you can immediately child to put to sleep. If you look on the other side, bathing too a hungry toddler is not correct, because you need to take into account that the appetite after swimming increases. Also note that water treatment is not performed immediately after feeding. Therefore, we recommend you to find the “middle ground”. If the child cries constantly, during and after bathing, you should stop these procedures for a few days, or move them for example in the morning.

Newborns punctually crying every day for two, three hours. So don’t get too overzealous parents in this matter.

If the cause of tears – this fatigue, it is possible to calm him down only a mother’s affection and attention. Each day, discovering the world and getting a lot of information and emotions, the child gets tired easily. It is believed that the brain of a child under 12 years “digests” so much information that he has mastered since the age of 12 and the rest of your life. Not surprising in this case that children are sometimes very irritable, that sometimes manifests itself in their inexplicable at first glance, aggression. If the right approach to the development and formation of personality, it is possible to form for kid habit to act according to certain rules for the benefit of their own health.

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