Why the baby is crying.

All children from time to time cry, absolutely healthy newborn baby cries in the middle of one to three hours daily. Why is the child crying? Crying is a way of communicating a small child, by which he gives us, the adults, know their needs.

Nature intended so that the cry of a baby stimulates the increase in the mother level of prolactin and oxytocin, hormones that stimulate the production of breast milk and its excretion from the chest.

Young parents sometimes find it difficult to understand why the child is crying: he is hungry, he is cold, he is bored, he needs a diaper change or he wants to get him on the handles? In the first days after birth, when you are not yet aware of his needs, this crying can irritate, annoy, or even lead to despair, but gradually you will begin to distinguish the different types of crying, and therefore will be able to immediately meet the needs of their child. Over time, your kid will learn other ways to communicate with parents: look into the eyes, to babble, to publish different sounds, stretch hands, smile.

In most cases, the baby screams, to show that he is uncomfortable: it is the only available method tries to achieve what he needs. From the following listCauses of crying child

He wants to eat

Hunger is one of the most frequent causes of crying child. The younger the child, the more he cries because of hunger. Little stomach can’t take much food at once, so the kid will ask for milk in a very short period of time. When the baby cries after feeding, probably the reason for crying was something else.

It’s embarrassing

Young children react very strongly if you wear them tight or they have a dirty diaper (or nappy). Therefore, it is important to be in control, isn’t it time to change baby diapers and disguise. Quite often the cause of the crying may be tightened too tight diaper or a piece of clothing.

It’s hot or cold

The cry is the way in which the baby is used to warm up, or to be warmed. But if the baby is too hot, it can also react by crying. It is desirable that the temperature in the nursery was about 18 ºC. It should not be too enveloped or naked (unless, of course, we are not talking about hot summer). The main rule must be that the child needs only 1 more layer of clothing than an adult, to feel comfortable. Check him not too hot or too cold can, putting his hand to his tummy if he feels too hot, remove the bract one (or a layer of clothing if cold add. Don’t judge this, was he warm, the temperature knobs, so as in most cases, they’re pretty cool, is the norm.

Put the child back in his legs near the edge of the bed, so he couldn’t get deeper under the blanket, so he was not hot, and that he has not covered himself with a blanket over his head.

He doesn’t like to change

Some children love to dress and bathe, for others, the strip is an extremely unpleasant procedure. Even if the room temperature is comfortable, and you’re doing it with affection, nothing helps. The kids just don’t like contact with air, they prefer to be dressed. As soon as they lose their sense of touch to the skin a soft cloth or diaper, we cease to feel safe, as though lost the defense. In this case, learn to change diapers and bathe your child quickly, as quickly as possible to disguise and soothe. To help these children calm down, if immediately after bathing or dressing wrap them in a warm flannelette diaper or the bract, and then continue to hygienic procedures.

You can use another method. If you undress the baby gradually, and after each part of clothes that you shoot him, wait for a while. When he becomes familiar with the procedure for changing the diaper, undressing, dressing and bathing, it will cease to be afraid and not to respond to them crying. They change and bathing the baby, gently talk to them – it will help him to feel safe.

He got scared

Most kids half asleep sometimes move so sharply that their own movement can Wake them up and scare. They’d cry again fall asleep, again will make a sharp move and starts crying again. The crying never lasts long, because the need for sleep is stronger.

Perhaps, the room light is too bright or he doesn’t like the touch of cold hands. Sometimes babies may cry due to the fact that he doesn’t like sudden change of position when he did not expect, or due to the fact that he was startled by an unexpected or unpleasant sound. All this could be the reason why the baby is crying .

He wants to handle

Sometimes it seems that in order for the child to feel comfortable, met all the conditions. He fed, dressed, it hurts nothing, but he’s crying. Maybe he just wants a bit of affection and attention. Pay no attention to the comments of people talking that you will raise a spoiled child, or failure of the baby to pay attention to will become a bad habit. Those who says that he doesn’t have a clue about the needs of the child, especially your child. Take the baby in the pen, gently talk to him, if that’s what he needs to feel good. It is absolutely normal instinctive reaction, a child requires close physical and emotional contact with mom or dad. You are holding the baby feels loved and protected. And it is quite clear that to him from time to time is required again to feel safe.

Try using a sling or baby carrier that will allow you to carry your baby, leaving your hands free for other things, which have always a lot of young parents.

Newborn hard to get used to a lot of stimuli – light, noise, lots of relatives, each of whom wants to play with him. If he has no other reasons for crying, it is likely that he was just tired. If possible, get him in a quiet place, gradually remove irritants: make less light, mute the TV sound, etc. If the baby moves, rubs his eyes and face, rather capricious than crying – rather in the crib!

He’s in pain

A cry of pain, as a rule, stronger than normal crying. Most often the kids have a tummy ache. The baby may suddenly start shouting, even if it was completely calm. If you fed the baby, checked his diaper is clean and nothing too tight, took him up, but he’s still crying in desperation, perhaps this intestinal colic. In this case, the child will have to twist the legs, the tummy will be solid, might heard rumbling of gas in the stomach. Such a cry could be repeated every night and lasts for several hours. Need vertically to take the child, accompanied by a warm shoulder to burp. You can gently Pat him on the back. The same should be done in case if the baby is crying and wiggling during feeding: most likely he swallowed air, and to remove the painful feeling of fullness he needs to burp. To improve the health of the child intestinal colic, you can also give him a cure bloating designed for children up to one year.

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