Why the child does not sleep

Sometimes in the dream child behaves unusually, what scares parents. What are the causes of night anxiety and whether it is dangerous?

In the weak arms of Morpheus

The kid does not want to fall asleep or wakes up with difficulty and “noname”? He sleeps restlessly, not getting enough sleep, and then the whole day is in a bad mood? the “Infinite” the night gave way to a Sunny morning, but the kid is naughty, it all the time sleepy, he was listless and irritable. Obviously, it’s time to talk about sleep disorders in children.

Sleep disturbance in children

Frequently waking baby clouded night terrors are often more compelling to panic parents than himself. You go look in the nursery: he sleeps or gets up, walks, muttering something inarticulate. “Get up, count, we expect great things!” But crumbs, as they say, raise raised, and forgot to Wake up. Moreover, in this state, he looks very scared, his heartbeat quickens, he’s sweaty, hot — there is the so-called “autonomic storm”. However, all your fears kid soon forgets — they remain only in the memories of parents. And all this, if your child does not injure himself during such night “travel”, doesn’t need specific correction. A lot of anxiety give parents nightmares in kids . From fear, they differ in that are associated with different phases of sleep: in the first case we are talking about violations of spill, and the nightmares are associated with REM sleep, when a person sees dreams. And if your fears the child quickly forgets, nightmares from the memory are not erased in the morning and the kid might talk about the “incident” with him in his sleep. As a rule, negative experiences associated with vivid imagery, “lost” on the road from the unreal world, often — monsters from. cartoons. To relieve your baby from Intrusive memories nightmares, it is important to listen to the child, to find out who and what he sees in a dream, why is it so frightening. And, most importantly, we must teach the kid not to be afraid in the dream.

The devil is not so.

Time heals all wounds. And not only emotional trauma and sadness of parting, but also some deviations from the normal sleep process. The child is a sleepwalker . However, sounds like a death sentence? But still this stereotype that suffer from sleepwalking people linked to some kind of mysticism. Stories! First, the medicine makes this phenomenon quite loyal definition: sleepwalking and segoviana . Second — quite a scientific explanation. Sleepwalking can be full, when the child does something finished, but half-conscious action (rises, goes somewhere, takes something, ie does something purposeful movement), and therefore, only when the baby is lifted on the bed, maybe to say something, but then lays down and goes back to sleep. If 10-12 years of age these phenomena are themselves, what happens in 30-40% of cases, specific treatment is not required, and the family soon completely forget about the once-existing problem. Otherwise you need to contact the doctor or sleep therapist or a neurologist . which, after your toddler will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment. To throw into confusion the parents can not only sleepwalking, but also a kind of a phenomenon called “swing-beating”, when the child begins to shake his head, and sometimes even gets on all fours and banging his head on something. This is because the formation of the normal function of sleep is associated with the formation of the vestibular apparatus of the little man. And the strange behavior of the baby are able to truly frighten those not familiar with this phenomenon of parents, actually sometimes is an adaptive mechanism, when a child, for example, devoid of breastfeeding (during suckling it, too, as if swinging), is forced to make similar movements to. train your vestibular system. This phenomenon does not need special treatment, and eventually disappears completely.

The child does not fall asleep

But even if a baby has its own cozy bedroom, and beyond the silence, and he still won’t sleep, “culprits” may be other reasons.

Violation adult familiar to the child of the ritual of falling asleep. If until a certain time you read him a bedtime story, talked about what he cared about a day, and on the bed was laid with a favorite Teddy bear, cannot in an instant, for some unknown for kid reasons, to deprive him of all this: the child is very much feels loneliness at bedtime, frightening him, and therefore himself struggling to try not to fall asleep.

A tendency to bad falling asleep due to nervousness . In this case, take the time to quietly talk to the baby, tell him a story, and then turn to soft melodious music.

A food Allergy. What really is a dream, when the whole body is itchy! It is important for parents to determine what “is not the soul” of the baby, and eliminate the allergen. Most often it is eaten at bedtime orange, chocolate, “sleeping” milk and honey.

Dust Allergy. In this case, the cause of insomnia becomes home dust, a feather from a pillow or etc. Cleanliness in the house — is the key to healthy sleep, so don’t forget about regular wet cleaning. And a pillow and blanket for your child, buy a special, hypoallergenic.

Overexcitation. In the house, late overworked neighbor’s kids, toddler prevail against the vivid impressions of a new toy or excursions. It can also interfere with the baby to sleep and how to sleep. Also, do not allow a young child for a very long time to watch TV or play computer games. And in any case can not let him to do all this in the bedroom: this room is for children and for adults should be a ritual place to enjoy sleep and rest. Of course, in any case, you need to do everything to normalize sleep baby. But this does not mean that they need to have a piece of the tablet “adult” hypnotic and to forget about everything. First, it is important to figure out what triggered the insomnia. If it’s a neurosis, depression, or nightmares, you can consult a psychologist who will help the child to cope with uncomfortable condition, will teach not to be afraid in the dream. Secondly, in the house where the baby grows, must be available herbal remedies such as Valerian and “new pass” the dosage will be determined by a doctor).

The sense of time the crumbs in 4-5 years not yet formed, and try to convince him to sleep at night.

But it’s pretty easy to appease such a maneuver: “Close your eyes and lay quietly, and I

will come in 5 minutes”. He will wait, when will these 5 minutes, and fall asleep.

Good sleep — this not only relaxation, it is important because in the phase of slow

sleep recovery processes are allocated the same growth hormone — “smart” substance “responsible” for the growth of the baby.

Recipes for improving a baby’s sleep

• Some kids to help cope with insomnia pine baths

or a warm shower that can also be included in the evening ritual.

• Drip aroma lamp 2 drops of rose oil, 1 — incense and 2 — sandalwood. At the head of the baby put a pillow with dried lavender or slices of an orange.

• Warm milk with honey will make the eyes “sticking” only if these products are the crumbs are not allergic.

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